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If you don’t know August Alsina you’re missing out! This young artist from New Orleans is responsible for the hit song “I Love This”! The song was so big that Trinidad James jumped on it. […]


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[VIDEO] Greg Street Exclusive: Countdown To (And A Peek Inside) Rick Ross’ “Mastermind”

Rick Ross‘s long awaited sixth studio album is 12 days away, and Rozay told Greg Street tonight that he predicts “Mastermind” will outsell “God Forgives I Don’t” – which sold over 200,000 copies in the […]


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[Video] The Greg Street Classic Song Of The Day: “Trap Or Die,” Young Jeezy

Greg Street hit us with 2005 Young Jeezy with “Trap Or Die” from Jeezy’s second mixtape with the same name. The song features Bun-B of UGK! The mixtape dropped in 2005 which set up for […]


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New Music to Know: Ty Dolla $ign, a Hip-Hop Triple Threat With Rock Star Aspirations

“Sometimes I listen to the rock stations and I get jealous,” said Ty Dolla, who listens to KROQ regularly in his native Los Angeles. “Those people are really doing music and really having fun.”


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Eddie Murphy’s Adult ‘Son’ Comes Back Like A ‘Boomerang’?

  Today’s Trending Topics: Another lesson in maybe being careful who you have a child with: Arian Foster’s baby’s mother is causing him a lot of headache. A young comedian is claiming that Eddie Murphy is […]


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Young Jeezy Arrested for Obstructing Police

Young Jeezy was arrested again. This time for obstruction, after allegedly cursing at officers and refusing to provide his name.


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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: The Boss Buys An Atlanta Estate Fit For A Champ

  Today’s Ryan Report: Rick Ross has just bought some property in ATL! The thing is it’s a very famous, very expensive property. Another example of how Justin Bieber has too. much. money. Unfortunately, Jeezy was arrested last […]


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Jeezy Gives Son Some Tough Love?

  Today’s Trending Topics: An update on some of Chris Brown‘s legal trouble. A lot of celebs are sick of bloggers and other media outlets taking entertainment news to the extreme. Hear a little about what […]


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Young Jeezy Arrested Following Family Brawl

It surfaced today that rapper Young Jeezy turned himself into Atlanta authorities last week on charges of terroristic threats, false imprisonment and battery.


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Young Jeezy’s ‘Benihana’ featuring Rocko and 2 Chainz

Over the last week or so, Jeezy has released a string of new music on his Corporate Thugz Entertainment label’s Soundcloud, culminating most recently in “Benihana”, a clicky, driving cut featuring Rocko and 2 Chainz.