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England Fans Arrive Ahead of Algeria Clash

Ramona Debreaux Shares Three Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Its 2015 and sure that eating healthy and loosing weight is the top of your resolutions list. Here are three ways to boost your metabolism and start shedding those calories. Make sure you have breakfast […]


(Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)

The Fat Girl Diaries, Week 3 – “But This Week Was On 10!”

HEY NOW! How was your work week? Word? Mine too. Let me start off by saying that this was a VERY trying week. What am I saying? Every week – heck, every DAY – is […]


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Wanda Smith: “I Have The Best “SLIMMING” Secret Ever!”

I have been doing Slim Again for several months now and my results have been great! I am so excited to have dropped down 2 dress sizes and it’s getting better by the day.I feel […]


Sonia Murray/CBS Local

Wanda Smith: “We’re Going On A Journey And Want You to Go With Us”

My husband LaMorris and I are going on a journey and I am looking for 103 women and he is looking for 103 men to go with us. Are you up to the challenge?



Struggling With Your Weight? Thinking About Surgery?

Watch Ryan Cameron’s Interview with Real Results owner, Dr. Titus Duncan as they discuss options.


Live On Letterman: Jennifer Hudson’s Top 10 Weight Loss Quotes

Many women in America have struggled with their weight, but rarely does their weight become the topic of national conversation. 29-year-old Jennifer Hudson’s weight has fluctuated under the critical eye of the camera from baby […]


Jennifer Hudson Is a ‘Walking Billboard’ After 80lb Weight Loss

I don’t care what size she is, Jennifer Hudson is fantastic. On an appearance on the Tonight Show last week, Jennifer finally revealed the number behind her weight loss. Girl lost 80 pounds!


Dramatic Weight Loss Update!

Scott Cameron came into the morning show to update listeners on some of the participants involved with the ” Dramatic Weight Loss” program.


Lose Weight Shopping List? There’s An App For That!

Yall know we know we should eat healthy but something happens when we hit the grocery store. The cookie aisle….ahhh. I love cookies more than anything. Sometimes I think I’m doing