Wanda Smith: “OMG What The H@#$ Was She Thinking?!”

  It is normally said that at wedding time, it is all about the bride. We get to kick, scream, holler and do whatever we want to. But THIS was extreme – and a bit […]


Wanda Smith: “There’s Been Another EARTHQUAKE! But I Know You Can Handle It”

  Are you still feeling the aftershock of the earthquake? Well this “Earthquake” has taken the “A” by storm but I know you will be able to handle this one..Click more to see what damage […]


Wanda Smith: “I’m Just Saying…What Do You Think?”

All morning long we have been allowing people to vent and express things that make them say, ‘I’m just saying!’ I had so much fun on my walk into being a bride and so many more […]


Are You Married?Engaged?In A Long-Term Relationship?

This going to be so much fun and “COUPLES” it’s just for you…Come hang out with me this Friday at Stonecrest Cinemas the opening night of Tyler Perry’s “WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO”..This is fun […]


It’s Wanda’s Wacky Wedding Week!!!!!

In lieu of the impending opening worldwide of  Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married Too” I am honoring everything about weddings this week.You will see funny,cute,sentimental,beautiful,crazy and even some weird wedding stuff all leading […]