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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Get Petty Or Die Tryin’

Today’s Ryan Report: Chris Brown is doing too much. Again. So is 50 Cent. AND SO IS TYGA. Kanye West is probably gonna do too much this Sunday.


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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Chris Brown’s Pant Seams Ain’t Loyal

Today’s Ryan Report: Drake + Serena are pretty good friends. There’s a pretty offensive Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume floating around. Chris Brown split his pants! Straight Outta Compton is still making noise.


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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Wiz Khalifa Was On His Level Until The Cops Interfered

Today’s Ryan Report: Don’t believe the rumors you’ve been hearing about Fetty Wap. Wiz Khalifa doesn’t understand why he can’t hover in the airport. Tracy Morgan got married!



[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: La La’s Full Court Cheating Scandal?

Today’s Ryan Report: La La stepped out on Melo? The woman who 2 Chainz called a THOT is representing herself in court. Ok. Rihanna had to shut Matt Barnes down.  


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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: It’s True – Can’t Nobody Hold Diddy Down

Today’s Ryan Report: The Nicki Minaj statue at MadameTussauds is very popular. So popular that people can’t act right. Diddy is just being honest. Ciara discusses the recent scrutiny of her relationship(s).



[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Didn’t Pay Ya Bill? It’s Goin’ Down

Today’s Ryan Report: How much is enough, Michael Jordan? Didn’t pay your bill, Joc? It’s goin’ down. Jared, formerly of Subway, is also goin’ down. Thanks, AJC.



[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: No More Love In This Hip-Hop Union?

Today’s Ryan Report: MORE TERRENCE HOWARD EX-WIVES NEWS. Tracy Morgan is making a comeback! LOLOLOLOLOL, Shad Moss (Bow Wow) and Erica Mena are battling via Instagram??



[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Atlanta Went Straight To The Movies To See ‘Straight Outta Compton’

Today’s Ryan Report: Birdman. Stop it. Atlanta really supported Straight Outta Compton. Meek Mill. Sir. Stop it.


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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Even When They’re Not Together, Outkast Is Everlasting

Today’s Ryan Report: Rick Ross is more free! Wendy Williams told a truth and Ariana Grande fans were furious. Rihanna is continuing to do big things. What else is new? Outkast is amazing. What else is […]


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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Hold Up, Wait A Minute! Meek Is Really Finished

Today’s Ryan Report: Meek Mill is still in his feelings and is back to tell us what’s up. Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé!!! Peter from RHOA shaved his beard and now we’re not even sure who he is anymore.