Victory Thought


Victory Thought: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change! How can our perception change when what we are feeding ourselves has no brain nutritional value? Imagine if someone had […]



Victory Thought: Rest In Peace Today!

Today’s Victory Thought is dedicated to living in peace. Rest in Peace is not meant solely for those who have passed. God wants us to have Rest & Peace in our lives, daily. The struggles […]



Victory Thought: Let Your Voice Roar!

In memory of the late Nelson Mandela- a man who in his 95 years managed to be a major agent for change that will resonate for generations to come! Today’s Victory Thought is dedicated to […]



Victory Thought: Take Initiative, Take What You Deserve!

Today’s Victory Thought is dedicated to going beyond and taking initiative. If we really want our dreams to come true we are going to have to go out and make them a reality. Don’t wait […]



Victory Thought: There Are Four Diseases That Stop Us From Being Our Best Selves

Today’s Victory Thought is dedicated to diseases that are plaguing our communities and stopping our greatness at an alarming rate! Jealousy, Envy, Resentment and Hate. The need to compete with others is not only the […]



Victory Thought: You Are Masterfully Designed

Did you know that when you compare yourself to others or wish you were like someone else, its like saying “He just didn’t do a good job?” It’s actually like saying, “God, why did You […]



Victory Thought: Trust Yourself

You are powerful beyond belief! You can have and do anything you put your mind to! But too often we allow the opinions of the outside world and the dream stealers to dictate what we can […]



Victory Thought: Find Your Peace

Today’s Victory Thought is dedicated to living in peace. We know life has a funny way of getting its point across… In school, we’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, we’re […]



Victory Thought: What Are You Willing To Sacrifice?

There is no easy shortcut to anywhere worth going. We must be willing to make sacrifices. Today’s Victory Thought is dedicated to sacrifice. Many of us live so routine within our comfort zones that even […]



Victory Thought: Don’t Believe What Your Fear Is Telling You

Friends, throughout life, fear will come knocking at the door, selling you the worst-case scenario. Fear tells you: “You’re going to lose your job. Your marriage is over. Your business is falling apart. Your child is done. […]