[VIDEO] Trending Topics: T.I. And Tiny's Hustle Gang's Growing?!If somewhere in the distance you are hearing the screech "Patti! Pattiiiiii! Pat Pat!" over your turkey and dressing tomorrow, here's why.
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Adele's "25" To Be A 2.3 Million Record Breaker?!The even more surprising thing may be how many DAYS it took for "25" to get there!
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: The Six Degrees Of Separation From Birthday Boy Sean "Diddy" Combs EditionThat's right, the entertainment mogul born Sean John Combs is 46 - and to celebrate, guess what he had instead of cake? (To borrow from his late great artist, "It's all about the marketing, baby.")
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: The Good, Bad And Ugly Of The AMAs (According To Kenya Moore)
[VIDEO] Travis Greene Says His Sucess Was Intentional
[VIDEO] Kirk Franklin Says "He Is Losing His Religion"
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: A What To Watch Out For EditionFrom tonight's "Shining A Light: A Concert For Progress On Race In America" to Sunday's "American Music Awards" - Big Tigger's got you covered
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: 2 Chainz Told Us About The "Feds Watching" - But "RHOA"?!Speaking of watching, "Empire's" numbers are taking a turn back upwards - strengthening its still-dominant position
BronzeLens Film Festival: '3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets' Gives A New Perspective On Jordan Davis Case
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: The "Next Episode" Of "Selling It In The ATL" Involves Dr. Dre?Or is this a way to garner more attention for the new real estate reality show? (Mission accomplished!)
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: The Digs At Taye About The Decision He's Leaving To His SonAnyone else wondering why Idina Menzel has yet to weigh in?
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Beckham Over Big Tigger? REALLY?!Now GQ Magazine's choice as Man of the Year, we can agree on.
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