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Tigger Talks “May Per View,” “The MayVinci Code” And Many Other Things Money Mayweather, With Floyd

Before Big Tigger hopped into the passenger side of Floyd “Money” Mayweather‘s $3 million Bugatti for a $40,000-plus shopping spree in less than like 45 minutes flat – $40,000-plus CASH, mind you – our multimedia afternoon […]

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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: NeNe Leaks Exciting News Of New Job

Today’s Trending Topics: When one door closes, NeNe finds another job very quickly. Tamar‘s got all her gworls in her new video! Speaking of new videos…Rihanna‘s video for BBHMM is pretty interesting. Speaking of money…Chris Brown is […]

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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Rapper’s Hustlin’ Pays Off – Rick Ross Posts Bond

Today’s Ryan Report: Some more disturbing details about Nick Gordon + Bobbi Kristina‘s relationship. Rick Ross is getting out jail! And it wasn’t cheap. At all. AT. ALL. Also…details about why he landed in jail in […]

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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Kendrick Lamar Damaging Our Community? Oh.

Today’s Trending Topics: The BET Awards did well as far as rating go, but not as well as last year. Doesn’t matter. Janet Jackson is still outchea winning. Once again, Geraldo Rivera is speaking about things […]



[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: In One Way Or Another, Nick Gordon + Bobbi Kristina Go To Court

Today’s Ryan Report: Nick Gordon is lawyering up. On a similar note, the estate of Bobbi Kristina is being sued. Still on a similar note, Slim from 112 is broke. And even when he’s due new […]



[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Love & Hip-Hop & Arrests For Kirk Frost

Today’s Trending Topics: Kirk Frost was involved in an…interesting incident. Some people play too much. NeNe Leakes is leaving RHOA!


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Situations With Wanda Smith: Public Exposure

This morning on The Ryan Cameron Morning Show With Wanda Smith, we hear from Jamia, a wife that is very happy in her marriage. Her husband comes home from his job with an appetite that […]


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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Real Big News From NeNe For ‘Real Housewives’

Today’s Ryan Report: NeNe Leakes is moving on. MempHitz really likes his green. The beef between Tamar + K. Michelle is over, but now there may be a new beef brewing. The content of this post […]


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[VIDEO] The RCMS with Wanda Smith: Michael Thurmond Discusses New Book + Progress In DeKalb County Schools

Interim superintendent Michael Thurmond stopped by to say a few things before he leaves his position. He also told Ryan + Wanda about his upcoming endeavors!


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Inside OWN’s “The Have and the Have Nots” and “Love Thy Neighbor” Press Luncheon: A Buffet Of Carbs, Laughs And Crazy

In a time where it seems as if my television is dominated by “reality” shows, it’s quite refreshing to watch anything BUT reality! (After all – isn’t TV supposed to be an escape from reality?!) […]