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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: T.I. And Tiny's Hustle Gang's Growing?!If somewhere in the distance you are hearing the screech "Patti! Pattiiiiii! Pat Pat!" over your turkey and dressing tomorrow, here's why.
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: The Six Degrees Of Separation From Birthday Boy Sean "Diddy" Combs EditionThat's right, the entertainment mogul born Sean John Combs is 46 - and to celebrate, guess what he had instead of cake? (To borrow from his late great artist, "It's all about the marketing, baby.")
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: The "Next Episode" Of "Selling It In The ATL" Involves Dr. Dre?Or is this a way to garner more attention for the new real estate reality show? (Mission accomplished!)
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Beckham Over Big Tigger? REALLY?!Now GQ Magazine's choice as Man of the Year, we can agree on.
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Spoiler Alert - Meet (Our Pick For) People Magazine's Sexiest Man AliveFull disclosure: No one asked for our vote...
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Applause All Around For All Of These Efforts Towards DiversityBut we'd understand if those in the audience might be a bit confused by Spike Lee's "acceptance" speech
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: The Tigger Connections To The Latest "Real Housewives"Turns out the star power attached to Lee Daniels' biopic on Richard Pryor only STARTS WITH Mike Epps in the lead role!
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: How I Spent My Bye Week, By Russell Wilson (And Starring Ciara)Anybody else wondering how that whole celibacy-before-marriage thing is going?
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Did "The Donald" Trump Drake?And why did Vivica Fox poke THE INTERNET BEAR that is 50 Cent?!
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: The "Entirely Disgusted" EditionBoy, George - Did you mean what you said FIRST about you and Prince?!
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Mr. "I'm Not Gay No More," Meet Mr. Kordell's Not PlayingMr. "I Am Delivert" should have seen this coming if he watched Kordell Stewart on The Big Tigger Show
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Act "Foolish" And Ask Nelly About Ashanti If You Want To...And then there's what happened between August Alsina and his cousin!
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