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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Empire – Based On Several True Stories?

Today’s Trending Topics: There’s a Caitlyn Jenner costume. Kim Kardashian beats Beyonce in ONE thing. Empire is based on someone else’s life. Ok.



[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Serena Williams + Drake Serve Each Other Quality Time

Today’s Trending Topics: Ooooh, Drake + Serena (might) go together! Chris Brown ripped his pants during a performance. Uh-oh. Terrence Howard just won again.


(Credit: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment)

[VIDEO] Trending Topics: ‘Straight Outta Compton’ + Into Other Films

Today’s Trending Topics: Straight Outta Compton was a success, so there may be a sequel coming. Additionally, the O’Shea Jacksons will be working together again. Some dope awards dedicated to honoring some dope people are coming up.



[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Rihanna Lies (?) Or Gets Matt Barnes Together In ‘FourFiveSeconds’

Today’s Trending Topics: Bey is back to do some good. Ciara is not sure where y’all got this double standard, but stop it. Queen of Shade Rihanna had to hit Matt Barnes with a “B&*(#, where??” […]



[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Fresh Out Of Freedom – Jared Fogle Is Headed To Prison

Today’s Trending Topics: Straight Outta Compton is missing some facts. Jared Fogle is not at all the nice guy we thought he was.



[VIDEO] Trending Topics: All About The DMs? Not While Mike Epps’s Wife Is Here

Today’s Trending Topics: Mike Epps was about to have a woman slide into his DMs, but his wife was right there to stop that. Terrence Howard is/was doing a lot. New RHOA member(s)?



[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Offers Rolling In For Kylie To Keep Up With Her Kardashian Sister

Today’s Trending Topics: So this is what the world thinks of one of the youngest Jenners. Noted. Terrence Howard broke down in court. An act or naw? Sad news in Morgan Freeman‘s family.



[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Will Smith To Revisit His Throne As The Prince Of Bel-Air

Today’s Trending Topics: Training Day is coming to TV! The Wiz LIVE! is gonna be LIT. The Fresh Prince is coming back!



[VIDEO] Trending Topics: No One ‘Forgot About Dre’s Past Bad Decisions And He Explains

Today’s Trending Topics: Again: things are not looking good for Bill Cosby. Congrats to Common! His new TV project sound like a winner. Straight Outta Compton comes out tomorrow! Dr. Dre (sort of) ‘fesses up to some […]



[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Terrence Howard’s Hustle To Stop His Ex’s Court Flow

Today’s Trending Topics: Terrence Howard is not getting along with one of his exes. Again. Sugar Shane Mosley is not having it with his ex, either. Chris Brown and the mother of his child still haven’t […]