Sheriff Victor Hill

(Credit: Sonia Murray/ CBS Local)

What Sheriff Victor Hill Had To Say To The Congregation, When He Resurfaced After Shooting

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill is back from his trip to Israel. We haven’t seen, or heard, much of anything from Hill since the shooting back on May 3, in which he critically wounded a […]


According to his obituary, at first, A. Reginald Eaves served as an assistant to Mayor Maynard Jackson, but because of an increasing number of unjustified police killings, espcially in the black community, the mayor created a new position, Commissioner of Public Safety and assigned Eaves to the role. (Courtesy of the Eaves family)

A. Reginald Eaves: Atlanta Turns Out To Remember Its “Modern Day Moses”

Asaph Reginald Eaves was Atlanta’s first Public Safety Commissioner and a Fulton County Commissioner. The uncle of current Fulton County Commission chairman John Eaves, died on June 9, in Jacksonville, Florida. He was 81. A. […]


(Credit: Sonia Murray/ CBS Local)

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill Found Not Guilty On All Charges

ATLANTA (WVEE)-Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill hugged his attorneys and breathed a sigh of relief on Thursday when a jury found him not guilty of all charges in his racketeering and corruption case. Hill faced […]



Former Clayton County Sheriff Spends Second Night In Jail

Former Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill, apparently broke from lawsuits during his time in office, had to stay in jail Thursday while his attorneys scrambled to find a way to cover the $50,000 bond.