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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Adele's "25" To Be A 2.3 Million Record Breaker?!The even more surprising thing may be how many DAYS it took for "25" to get there!
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: The Good, Bad And Ugly Of The AMAs (According To Kenya Moore)
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: 2 Chainz Told Us About The "Feds Watching" - But "RHOA"?!Speaking of watching, "Empire's" numbers are taking a turn back upwards - strengthening its still-dominant position
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: The Digs At Taye About The Decision He's Leaving To His SonAnyone else wondering why Idina Menzel has yet to weigh in?
[POLL] The RCMS With Wanda Smith Asks: What Does A Hickey Mean In 2015?
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Wanda Smith - "You Know I Love Me Some NeNe, BUT..."Think "Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-star NeNe Leakes will be giving Ryan a call if she hears what Wanda said?
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: So Is This What Charlie Sheen Meant By "Tiger Blood"?Now that we know the news about Charlie Sheen, is anyone really surprised?
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Rick Ross Would Stop Fighting With 50 Cent If...Meanwhile, why would Jackee Harry start something with Patti LaBelle, Vivica Fox, 50 Cent AND Keyshia Cole?!
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Who Knew This Fox Had So Much Fight?! (Oh Yeah - All Those Roles...)Guess who's slipped back on her $350,000 engagement ring?!
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Even Pneumonia's Not Going To Stop Tamar's Pursuit Of That Disco BallHave you ever counted how many jobs Tamar Braxton has?! (At least as of this Ryan Report...)
Make Time To Be In The Right Mind 11.9.15
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Watch What Happens When Vivica Fox Gives Her 50 Cent On Her Ex...And that was AFTER a previous round of back and forth between 50 Cent and Rick Ross on Instagram!
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