[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Monica Has A Middle Finger For All That Talk!...But Wanda doesn't quite understand the caption that went with it
SITUATIONS WITH WANDA SMITH: When the doggone dog’s goneToday's Situation comes from Keith who works hard for a living. Sometimes up to 14 days straight without a day off, and his home is his castle. Recently Keith’s wife made some changes around their house that Keith’s not really feeling. After buying a home, putting in a lot of money to make their home exactly what they wanted for their upcoming retirement, Keith's wife decided to bring home 2 dogs that Keith explicitly said he didn't want. Now Keith is trying to decide the best way to handle the dogs.
Make Time To Be In The Right Mind: LISTEN TO THE PROMPTINGS OF THE HOLY SPIRITAs we make time to be in the right mind Intuition is immediate insight or understanding without logical understanding. We often think of intuition as a hunch or a feeling, but intuition is very powerful. It is happening when we know that we know, without really knowing how we know. Everyone has intuition; it is not limited to only a few. We often discount our intuition because we have been taught to dismiss it. However, the more we trust our intuition, the more apparent it becomes.
The Ryan Report: Wait A Minute Kanye - "Those Are Tiny's Eyes!"Or at least that's what Wanda says!
Ryan Cameron's Somebody's Gotta Say Something: Kids, Guns, and Responsible Gun OwnershipSenseless case, after senseless case of children harming themselves or others with unsecured, loaded guns.In 2015 alone, 265 people were accidentally shot by children. Just last week, right here in Georgia, a 3 year-old boy fatally shot himself and a 2 year-old in Milwaukee shot his mother in the back of the head, while riding down the highway.Most of these cases are ruled “horrible accidents” and no charges are filed against the owners of the guns. So what is it going to take? What will it take for US, not me, not you, but US to do our part, to curb this disturbing trend? If you own a gun, and you haven’t talked with your children face-to-face, eye-to-eye, about the real harm a gun can do and about the fact that a gun IS NOT a toy, then you’re doing them a great disservice.
Make Time To Be In The Right Mind: ACCEPT YOURSELF JUST AS YOU AREAs we make time to be in the right mind sometimes we wait to get to a certain point in life before we accept ourselves. We wait for the perfect time, relationship, career, weight, health, or bank balance. Your waiting time is up. Today is the perfect day for you to accept yourself as you are. Self-acceptance is an act of self-love, a demonstration of unconditional love of self. Yes, you will need to be vulnerable in the process. However, vulnerability is the key to tapping into your authentic power.
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: If This Latest Prince Report Is True, Would Anyone Be Surprised?This could be a game changer in the matter of his $300 million estate.
Make Time To Be In The Right Mind: YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK YOU AREAs we make time to be in the right mind God has given us dominion over all things. We can choose what to think. Thoughts held in the mind tend to produce like results. If we think failure thoughts, we get failure results. If we think loneliness and limitation, our experience will reflect those conditions. We are divine spiritual beings made in the image and likeness of God. We have the God-given ability to create our world and our experience by the thoughts we think.
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: The Good, Bad And Ugly About That Usher PictureEveryone's welcomed to watch this EXCEPT Usher's mother.
SITUATIONS WITH WANDA SMITH: When Dessert Comes Before BinnerToday's Sitaution comes from Brie and Javon who have been together for nearly 2 years. According to Brie, she’s been trying to get Javon to address a very SPECIFIC set of concerns for several months. Brie feels that her sexual needs are being ignored by Javon and her frustration has been growing.
Make Time To Be In The Right Mind: LET GO OF YOUR EGOAs we make time to be in the right mind let go of your ego. Let go of everything that is not in alignment with the will of God. Let go of everything that is not for your highest and greatest good. When we are aligned with the Spirit of God, we act from a core of love, believing that everything is happening for our greatest good. We choose to be a victor instead of a victim. Letting go of the ego can give us profound peace because it allows us to return to love.
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Iggy's Problem With "Becky" (Not Necessarily Beyonce)The bonus to this edition of The Ryan Report? Wanda's nonverbal interpretation of Iggy Azalea!

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