Larriane & Ramona

Anger Management : Self-Talk With Reverend Larraine & Ramona

When anger escalates to Rage the situation can become dangerous resulting in poor health, emotional, verbal or physical abuse. Anger is the impetus for violence. Anger can result in an arrest or even death. On […]


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Is Damien Dante Wayans Of Single Ladies Really Single?

Yes he ladies and he loves Atlanta. Damien Dante Wayans aka David Berenger of BET Single Ladies is carrying on the Wayans family tradition. Handosme and talented he said his uncles taught him to maintain […]


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Ramona DeBreaux and Reverend Larraine Forrester Discuss Anger Management

Anger Management: Week 1-Anger, Week 2-Self Talk, Week 3-Conflict Resolution, Week 4-Stress Busters Definition of Anger – Anger will be defined including why’s plan is necessary. 1. Slowly take three very deep breaths Focus on […]


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Tracee Ellis Ross Discusses Black Girls Rock & More

Tracee Ellis Ross is back once again to co-host another year of “Black Girls Rock”. This phenomenal show is aim at empowering young girls and women about who they are, what they can accomplish and […]



Ramona Debreaux Talks Spring Jubilee With Elisabeth Omalini

The mothers of all mothers Elisabeth Omalini & Hosea Feed The Hungry& Homeless is asking you to come mother on the children in our community. Next week is spring break so kick your week off […]


Larriane & Ramona

Spring Cleaning Toxic Relationships

Well spring is here. This is the time of year that many take the time to do some spring cleaning. Generally the cleaning is limited to our homes, the closets, windows etc. Today I’d like […]


Desiree Lee & Ramona

Ramona DeBreaux Wants To Inspire You: The Desiree Lee Story

Desiree Lee shares with Ramona DeBreaux how she wish she would have just listened to her mother. Just two weeks out of high school and gets arrested for eleven counts of armed robbery and five […]


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Ramona’s Flat Abs Cheat Sheet

I’ve got the ultimate cheat sheet from Elle.com for a flat stomach in 24 hours!  This especially comes in handy before a big event or for a date night with your honey. Of course you […]



Essence Editor Talks Cover Kelly Rowland Past Pain & Triumphs with Ramona

This months Essence is the annual Career Issue for women. Charreah Jackson shares with us a few of the gems that were covered in this issue. Lets take a peek inside to see some of […]


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Ramona DeBreaux & Reverend Larraine Forrester Converse: Do Men Fear Commitment?

Yes many men fear commitment. Why: Men have a need for recreation. They enjoy going out, participating in sports or watching sports, they enjoy going concerts, clubs, they enjoy activity. To many men commitment means […]