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The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Ramona DeBreaux Talks To Legendary Ron Isley

Ronald Isley said he knows that music is what he was born to do and will do it to the end. Ron has worked with many talented artists such as 2Pac, Kendrick Lamar, R Kelly, […]


A couple admires 14-meter-high Christmas

Taking The New Mate Home for the Holidays?

You have met your new significant other and plan on taking them home for the holidays, here are just a few things to  absorb on whether they will be staying for further family functions: The […]


President Barack Obama Takes Part in "Christmas In Washington"

5 Things To Do With Your Mate This Holiday; No Kids allowed!

The thought of having quiet time with a full house during the holiday seems unrealistic. It’s possible, if not a necessity, atleast  according to couples counselors Minister Larraine and Minister Michael Forrester.  Reverend Larraine told V103 […]


Rick Fox MCCarthys

Basketball Legend Rick Fox Talks with Ramona DeBreaux

Whether on the basketball court or on the screen basketball player, actor Rick Fox thoroughly enjoys entertaining you. He is even on his way to Atlanta right now for more filming. Rick Fox says he really enjoyed […]


Rev Lorraine & Ramona w

Blending Your Families With Reverend Larraine Forrester

Reverend Larriane Forrester of ARM A Relationship Ministries shares how top blend the family.  When it comes to the blended families even the Brady Bunch has they share of problems. Whether you are blending three kids […]



Load Up The Chevy with The Wedding Stuff!

So after my new hubby and I said “I Do!”, and everyone went home…we had to eventually pack! Good thing for us the Chevy has that crazy enormous trunk because we had gifts, equipment, and more to load up.  


Tai and Ramona Inc. Where artists zone out!!!  Inc is Restoring Resources in Education By Building Urban Ingenuity, Leadership and Development in My Environment Empowerment missions is to provide a networking platform for artist. Their goal is restore the value of arts and […]


Autism Speaks

Let The Voice of Autism Be Heard

Its the 3rd Annual Autism Speaks Walk this Saturday, November 22, 2014 at Piedmont Park. Autism is  a disorder of brain development. These affect the  difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal plus repetitious behavior. Statistic states that […]



A Chevy in Paris

It almost seemed surreal. There I was walking alongside the River Seine in Paris, France and there it was. A Chevy. It’s kinda funny how I startled the driver taking the picture. I mean, for […]


Rever Lorraaine

Money Management Within Your Relationship

Reverend Lorraine & Deacon Forrester of ARM-A Relationship Ministries discusses with Ramona DeBreaux Money Management Within Your Relationship? Is the only ritual that Grandma uses to say baby girl you always got to have a […]




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