“Thicker Than Water” The Tankards Talks With Ramona DeBreaux

Marriage, sibling rivalry, conflicts,extended family however The Tankards still live their lives on their religious convictions. The Tankards states we are everybody’s family. We have have five children, two daughters in law and grand children. […]

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Naomi Empire

Naomi Campbell Talks Acting, Model & More With Ramona Debreaux

Super model Naomi Campbell talks with Ramona DeBreaux and informs her she is not a super model she just works hard and doesnt take anything seriously. Even after cat walk last night in her bouquet […]


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“Being Mary Jane’s” Richard Roundtree Talks To Ramona DeBreaux

We know him each week as Paul Patterson, father of Mary Jane however Richard Roundtree says that they are similar in a lot of ways. Richard Roundtree says that this show changes the landscape as […]


Larriane & Ramona

[POLL] Ramona Asks: Would You Marry Yourself ? (And Guys – Would You Exchange Vows With Someone Who Did?!)

Yes, THIS trending topic is true – for her 40th birthday, Ms. Yasmin Eleby decided to marry herself. And she is not the only person who has reportedly done this. A woman did it in […]


ramona wide

Ramona DeBreaux Winter School Supply Drive

Ramona DeBreaux has joined 40 Girls & Some Shoes and Adamsville Warriors to collect school supplies. Ramona DeBreaux will be live 10A-2PM this Thursday, January 22, 2015 at Adamsville Primary School. The address is 286 […]


Tameka & Ramona

Style Theory with Tameka Raymond

Are you experiencing one of the following problems? Lost your sense of style, too busy with children and family not to take care of you or maybe recently married and want to enhance what your […]


Ramona and Rain Pryor Interview

Legacy Kid Rain Pryor Presents “Fried Chicken & Latke” With Ramona DeBreaux

Comedic and outspoken Rain Pryor says it is an honor to have had Richard Pryor as her father. Their are a total of six children within the family. She admired the way he loved to […]


Larriane & Ramona

Why To Say I Am Sorry In Your Relationship Even If You Are Right?

Reverend Larraine Forrester shares the importance of saying “I AM Sorry”. Should you say you’re sorry? Most people who are in conflict in their relationships, can trace the problem to poor communication. When we communicate […]


Retailers Hope For Strong Christmas Season

This Weeks Fashion Trend From Ramona Debreaux

Ready to clean out those closets. Lets make room for the new by cleaning out the old. its is time to get rid of that sweater with the holes, jeans that just wont fit, slacks […]


Woman watching TV (vintage)

[POLL] Which TV Show Are You Waiting On? Ramona Wants Your Vote

Do you have a favorite television show? The show where you can not and will not be disturbed. Popcorn ready, phones off, favorite drink, kids in bed and the remote.




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