Ryan Cameron's Somebody's Gotta Say Something: Gender Neutral Bathroom BillWith no consultation from either the legislative or judicial branches, Barack Obama told all of the schools in America that they needed to allow students to pick their own gender and use whichever bathrooms, locker rooms and showers they feel best suits them. Failing to do so would be met with cutting off their federal education funding regardless of need or scholastic performance. Needless to say, plenty of school districts were less than thrilled. One school system in Texas immediately informed the White House.
President Obama Commutes Sentences for 2 Georgia MenPresident Barack Obama is commuting the sentences of 61 prisoners who have been serving time for drug-relate sentences. Of the 61 prisoners, two are Georgia men.
SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 2016 PREVIEW: Prominent Film Festival Gives The Obamas' First Date, Miles Davis, Nat Turner + More A Platform To Shine
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Now You Can Run Along In "Ride Along 2" Star Kevin Hart's NikesNo word on whether Kevin Hart got one of those lifetime LeBron James deals, but knowing Kanye West he'll probably rap all of the details.
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Anyone Else Drinking During The State Of The Union Address?Guess how much you have to guzzle if POTUS drops the mic at the end?
Ryan and Wanda Address President Obama's show of Emotion During His Gun Control Speech
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: As If Things Couldn't Get Any Worse For Meek Mill...Meanwhile, how did his girlfriend's arch artistic nemesis/(inspiration?) - Lil Kim's - face get so bright, Wanda wonders...
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Beckham Over Big Tigger? REALLY?!Now GQ Magazine's choice as Man of the Year, we can agree on.
Ryan And Wanda Highlight the Importance of Having Health Care
Barack Obama Listened to Outkast and The Black Keys on July 1, 2015What did you listen to this morning?
President Obama Sang 'Amazing Grace' During Eulogy in Charleston & Everyone Joined InBefore the song, Obama spoke with eloquence and emotion. His eulogy was heartfelt, and reached the mourners and the nation.
Hear President Obama on Racial Identity, His College Life on Marc Maron's 'WTF' PodcastThey spoke about, among other things, race relations, gun violence, comedians, fatherhood and President Obama's own racial identity.

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