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Should Teachers Go To Jail Behind Testing Scandal?

Rev. Timothy McDonald joined Lorraine today to make his case as to why APS teachers shouldn’t go to jail behind CRCT testing scandal.


Powertalk Wrap Up: Lorraine Hangs With The Kings!

Lorraine talked with the hosts of WAOK’s new show Sports Kings! Listen to today’s Powertalk Wrap Up to hear the entire interview.


Powertalk Wrap Up: Attorney Alton Maddox

Listen to part 1 of our conversation with Attorney Alton Maddox! BONUS: Find out who we will be honored for May’s Powertalk Appreciation Day :-)


Powertalk Wrap Up: Guns, Guns, Guns…and Immigration

If you missed our conversation about guns and the Arizona immigration bill, check out today’s Powertalk Wrap Up!!


Powertalk Wrap Up: Atlanta City Council President Caesar Mitchell

 Hear what Council President Caesar Mitchell talked to Sisters in Law about and hear what we are talking about tomorrow on Powertalk in today’s Powertalk Wrap Up!


Powertalk Wrap Up: FREE Healthcare!

Need free health care now? Live in Fulton County? Then you don’t want to miss today’s Powertalk Wrap Up!!!!


Powertalk Wrap Up: April 21, 2010

Listen to today’s Powertalk Wrap Up to hear what our listeners had to say about panhandling and the Florida law that may prosecute people that give to panhandlers.


Powertalk Wrap Up: Mayor Kasim Reed

Our Mayor came to tell us that “Atlanta is Back!” Listen to today’s Powertalk Wrap Up to hear what he said about Freaknic/Freaknic, Opening community centers and how 3000 teens can get jobs this summer!!


Powertalk Wrap Up: MARTA in Trouble?

Did you know that MARTA may have to cut their bus routes by almost 50% and their rail routes by 20%? MARTA CEO Dr. Beverly Scott came by to talk about what YOU can do to stop it!


Powertalk Wrap Up: Talkback Friday

Hear what our listeners had to say about all of this weeks topics in today’s Powertalk Wrap Up!!!