mother’s day

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[VIDEO] The Greg Street Classic Song Of The Day: “Dear Mama,” 2Pac

Mother’s Day is this weekend so Greg Street has classic hip hop songs dedicated to mothers all week long! Today he started off with the greatest of all time, Tupac‘s “Dear Mama”! I don’t any […]



Wanda Smith: “I Bet You Can’t Guess This!”

So one of my favorite holidays is coming up Mother’s Day! I so enjoy all the love mothers receive on this day as well as year round. If you saw these women in the street […]


[VIDEO] Greg Street’s Classic Song Of The Day: “Exciting,” Lil Boosie Featuring Webbie

Greg Street: I just felt like hearing some Lil Boosie today, then I saw the news…


Wanda Smith: “Take Your Mom Here And Mother’s Day Will Be A Success”

It’s Mother’s Day weekend and I want to help you have a blast with your mom by sharing some of my favorite mother’s day ideas! You never know you might see me at some of […]


Larry Tinsley: “Treat Your Mom To Some Amazing Grace…”

Join me as I host The Kenya Griffin and The Amazing Grace Dance Company’s Annual Mother’s Day Concert!


My Mother's Day Tribute

There are many valuable things in the world, but none is as precious as your mother.  The wonderful thing about a mother is that she is so many things in one dynamic package. When I read […]


For All Mother's Near & Far!!!!!!

Mother’s Day Is Very Near And I Wanted To Send This Musical Dedication To All Mother’s From Me Wanda Smith And The People’s Station V-103!!!


Looking For Something Relaxing And Fun For Mom???

These are two of my favorite places to go when I need a break but can’t get out of town…..Give it a try your mom will love it!!!!


OMG Did He Really Say That About His Mom??????????

What are your answers to the following? My mom is as pretty as… What’s your favorite thing to do with your mom? What does your mom do all day? What’s the smartest thing your mom […]


Kenya Griffin and the Liturgical Dancers on Sunday Morning Praise!

Well- next week, The Amazing Grace Liturgical Dancers are having their 6th Annual Mother’s Day Concert at Center Stage at 3 pm. This Sunday, I even had a chance to sit down with these lovely […]