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[VIDEO/POLL] Mo Ivory: What Me And NeNe Have In Common

I never ever thought I could have anything in common with NeNe Leakes. I used to think she was loud, obnoxious, angry and mean. She would consistently cut down other women on “The Real Housewives […]


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[VIDEO] The RCMS Presents: So You Think Kendra G Can’t Dance

If you know nothing else about Kendra G, you know two things: she loves almost all things Beyonce and she knows all the dance moves from all of Beyonce’s videos. You may also know that […]


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[VIDEO] The RCMS Presents: The Most Live Birthday Song Performance Of All Time

When it’s someone’s birthday, regular people usually just sing the traditional, long, boring “Happy Birthday To You”. Some try to spice it up a little by changing the rhythm a little or speeding it up. […]


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Mo Ivory: I Went To The Integrated Prom-Gov. Nathan Deal Did Not! SHAMEFUL!

He didn’t send his wife, First Lady Sandra Deal, to tell the group of interracial kids from Wilcox County High School how proud of them they were for putting on the school’s first integrated prom. […]


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Mo Ivory: My Open Letter To Jay-Z

Dear Shawn Carter, Can’t seem to stay out the news lately, huh? A trip to Cuba with arguably the most popular female artist of the moment – your wife, Beyonce. A fiery, musical retort to […]


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Mo Ivory: My Heart Aches For DMX

I have not sobbed in such a manner before a television since September 11, 2001. I was that affected by the “Iyanla: Fix My Life” interview with DMX. When my daughter was a baby, we […]


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Mo Ivory: Can You Be An “Accidental” Racist?

I fell in love with LL Cool J as a 12-year-old girl growing up in the Bronx, sitting on the wall with my friends listening to a boom box playing “I Can’t Live Without My […]


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Mo Ivory: Kevin Ware Just Won A Championship – And Everyone Else Got Wealthier

I am sick to my stomach. Not because the City of Atlanta was on fire. Not because hundreds of thousands of people flooded downtown Atlanta. Not because I couldn’t get backstage to see top artists […]



[VIDEO] The Atlanta Unveiling Of ’42’

As movie theaters across the country prepare for the release of ’42’ – the bio pic of Major League Baseball legend Jackie Robinson – the Atlanta Braves celebrated the release with a private mixer and […]


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[VIDEO] Mo Ivory: “Temptation” – Can You Resist A Rich Man?

I saw Tyler Perry‘s “Temptation” this weekend and I have concluded – or at least confirmed my prior belief – that money is intoxicating. Especially for women. Add in things like the attention a man […]