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RCMS: Would Falcons’ Fans Welcome Vick Back To The Team?

Michael Vick’s days in Philadelphia appear to be over.  Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports the Eagles will not bring back Vick, according to league and team sources.  The Eagles will instead go in […]


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The RCMS With Wanda Smith & Rosci Diaz Recap The Biggest Night In Movies!

The Oscars aired last night and the world is still talking about the winners, losers and acceptance speeches that left us breathless. Included in that number is The Ryan Cameron Morning Show With Wanda Smith  […]


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Mo Ivory: Black Women Not The Choice For The Men Of “12 Years A Slave”?!

I know you noticed it, even if you didn’t discuss it around the water cooler today. It’s a taboo topic; and some might even say that it’s old conversation. Steve McQueen – Oscar-nominated director of […]


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Maya Angelou Inspires Women’s Self-Worth In Atlanta This Weekend

Maya Angelou, whose words have inspired millions will be in Atlanta this Saturday, March 1, 2014 to inspire women as the keynote speaker at the “Women 2 Women 2014 Inaugural Conference: Intergenerational Life Lessons & Legacies. I […]


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Mo Ivory: Kasim Reed Is Just Fine Being “Boring Mayor”

I had the opportunity to attend the 2014 State of the City Breakfast this morning, where Mayor Kasim Reed talked about lessons from the past, his plans for the future, all while – believe it […]


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Mo Ivory: No Justice For Jordan Davis (Despite Killer Receiving Life Sentence)

You heard the verdict. Did it make you sick to your stomach? Were you relieved the killer, Michael Dunn, will stay behind bars for decades and essentially received a life sentence? My answer? Yes, to […]


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Mo Ivory: Will There Be Justice For Jordan Davis – Or Will Another Killer Walk?

We have all been asking ourselves the same question since this case went to the jury on Wednesday. Will Michael Dunn get away with killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis the same way George Zimmerman did for […]


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Is Your School Closed? Check Here For The Up-To-Date Lists!

In addition to the earlier school closings below, here are some other late openings and reschedulings for various businesses and events as of today (Feb. 13)… Atlanta Botanical Garden will be closed today The High […]


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Snow Jam 2.0! CBS Atlanta’s Markina Brown Preps You For The Next Storm!

The city of Atlanta isn’t out of the woods yet with this winter weather. As of this morning, the metropolitan area of Atlanta is under a Winter Storm Watch until Tuesday afternoon, according to the […]


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[VIDEO] Calling Mayor Kasim Reed “Unapologetic,” “Angry,” “Smug” During Storm – “That’s Just Code For Something Else”

In his first interview with The Ryan Cameron Morning Show featuring Wanda Smith since what Cameron deemed “Snowmageddon,” Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed spent a great deal of his visit squarely taking on the criticism he’s […]