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Ramona DeBreaux & Reverend Larraine Forrester Converse: Do Men Fear Commitment?

Yes many men fear commitment. Why: Men have a need for recreation. They enjoy going out, participating in sports or watching sports, they enjoy going concerts, clubs, they enjoy activity. To many men commitment means […]



Ramona DeBreaux Relationship’s Tuesday: Do You Purchase The Christmas Gift?

Its Christmas time and you are dating. Both of you have a discussion regarding Christmas gifts. They advised you that they don’t want you to buy them a gift. Now you have to make a […]


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Stacii Jae’s “The Single Girls Club Diaries, Chapter 9: Finding Peace in Singlehood

Hey Booski Hey! A big day tomorrow for me. So excited. I have a big audition is with the casting director I’ve been trying to get to see me forever.  I’m ready too. This is […]



Egypt: This Is Why Men Should Stop Drinking Sodas

According to this new study by Daily Mail, men who on average drink at least one soda a day increase their chances of developing an aggressive form of Prostate Cancer by 40%. How many sodas […]



[VIDEO] Wanda Smith: “Shhhh! I Know I Said What Happens At The Playhouse, Stays – BUT…”

Each and every month we get it in at Wanda’s Playhouse and you won’t believe what goes down! Wanna see?


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Wanda Smith: “I’m Just Sayin’ Please Don’t Be This Guy”

It’s that time again “I’m Just Sayin’ Wednesdays” and I am ready to hear your gripes and complaints about any and everything that is on your mind.As usual I am going to start it off […]



Wanda Smith: “Woooow She Told All Her Business!”

You know if you want to hear the dirt or the truth you can get it either way from this lady. When this interview was done I was glued to the television!


Eating Away Pain

Dr. Ian (VH1 Celebrity Fit Club, 50 Million Pound Challenge) checks in this week with Ramona DeBreaux  to talk about how your health is affected when you’re in a relationship. You know the mental directly affects the […]


Wanda Smith: “Are You Ready To Have One? Well Here’s How…”

Are you tired of seeing everyone all hugged up and in love? Or at least heavy-like – and you are still alone? Well this might help …


Ramona DeBreaux: Where’s The Best City In The U.S To Be A Man?

Fellas, this one’s for you! took it upon themselves to search high and low for the “Best Man Cities”; We’re talking bars, burgers and women! See where Atlanta falls in the ranking.