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Beyonce Has Money To Blow!

According to, Beyonce‘s old accountants have put her spending habits on blast and said she spends over $300K per month on basic living expenses! Check out how the young, black, and fabulous diva spends […]



The Top 5 Moments Of “Love And Hip Hop: Season 2”

“Love and Hip Hop” started off with a bang and it kept us all tuned in throughout the season. While we were being entertained, real lives were altered. So much to the point that the […]


Can I Have That McKnuckle Sandwich With Ketchup?!

A Marietta McDonald’s manager has been fired and arrested after being accused of punching a mother who brought a service dog and her autistic children into the restaurant.  Tiffany Denise Allen  is charged with battery, assault, fear and […]