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L-Breezy: The Perfect Valentine’s Day (And Tips To Surviving It If You’re Single)

So…Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and some of us men are without a clue as to what our special lady’s needs and wants are. You do know there’s a difference between a need […]


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[VIDEO] “The Fat Girl Diaries” – The Production

Weight at week…I LOST COUNT! HEY NOW! How have you been? I know, I know…it’s been a loooong time! But I’ve been…kind of busy. As you all know, not only is the blog called Fat […]



L-Breezy: Keeping It 100% – From The Start

Ladies – It’s your boy L -Breezy and I’ve been around the world and seen many faces; men and women of all walks of life, colors, sizes and pay grades! And I’m constantly asked questions […]



[VIDEO] Jagged Edge Returning To The Playhouse!

Jagged Edge will return to The Playhouse! We did it big for my birthday, but the party don’t stop! Saturday, March 23rd all roads leads to The Playhouse ! Get your tickets now @


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[VIDEO] V-103’s “Harlem Shake”

As is the case with most Internet crazes, the “Harlem Shake” video phenomenon does not make much sense. At all. It’s called “Harlem Shake,” but none of the Harlem Shake dance that you know and […]


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7 Affordable And Creative Dates For You And Your Boo!

Take a seat while I – Luscious “The Late Night Boss” – puts you up on game, AGAIN: 1.Couples Massage-This can be really intimate if you enjoy getting rubbed down together. 2.Museums-This can be fun […]


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7 Signs You Might Be Too Desperate For Marriage!

Take a seat while I put you up on game… 1. You’re willing to settle down tto fas-Jumping into any relationship when a dude smiles at you is not the move. 2. You’re obsessed with […]



4 Ways That Men Hurt Themselves When Dealing With Women!

Take a seat back while I put you up on game. 1. Asking Too Many D***n Questions-This one always gets dudes into trouble, they always feel like they have to force the conversation with questions […]


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[VIDEO] If You Missed The Latest Playhouse, Thank Us Later

Luscious: Hundreds of beautiful ladies came out to show support for the last Wanda’s Playhouse. If you didn’t get a chance to catch that, don’t worry, another one is coming your way August 25th. And […]


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[PHOTO GALLERY] How 7 Chainz Became 4 Stitches

Sunday’s Ryan Cameron Piedmont Park Takeover is indeed, now, over; but the memories – of everything from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s” Rasheeda‘s studded tennis shoes, that guy at the pool, and yes those four […]