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[VIDEO] The RCMS With Wanda Smith: The ‘I’m Bossy’ Discussion

LHHATL‘s Kirk Frost and Rasheeda stopped by the studio to discuss the apartment office, what Kirk deals with when speaking to women in public and more and why Rasheeda’s the boss (most of the time). […]


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[VIDEO] The RCMS With Wanda Smith: Love + Hip-Hop + Paternity Tests

Tonight’s the night LHHATL returns! Kirk & Rasheeda dropped by and…oh boy. Watch what went down after the jump: Kirk + Rasheeda On The RCMS With Wanda Smith  


Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

[VIDEO] Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3: Sex, Lies and Videotape! What the Trailer Didn’t Show You!

Now everyone knows I’m the resident Love and Hip Hop guru. I do my thang on these reviews and ya’ll love it. I was supposed to hit ya’ll with this tea days ago, but the […]


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Kandi And Todd Marry – The Invitation, The Program, The Ceremony

There were enough singers there to more than make for an incredible R&B concert. Enough reality show stars appeared to fill nights of programming on Bravo or VH1. And this was all, mind you, at […]


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Even When “Wild’N Out”, Nick & Mariah Are A Vision Of Love

Today’s Trending Topics: A couple of stories for those who claim Beyonce and Jay-Z don’t “share the wealth” enough. A humorous example of how Mariah Carey will always be there to shut husband Nick Cannon down […]



[REVIEW] “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” Season 2 Reunion Pt. 2: The Top 3 Moments

The final episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” Season 2, has aired. And if you saw it you are probably feeling like me: It was mediocre. We didn’t get to the bottom of the […]


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[VIDEO] The RCMS: The Ups & Downs Of Kirk & Rasheeda

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta cast members Kirk Frost and wife Rasheeda came through to visit The RCMS! Click the videos above to see just how scripted their relationship is not.


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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: The K. Michelle Edition

Today’s Ryan Report is all about K. Michelle and Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta!


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[REVIEW] “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” Season 2 Reunion Pt. 1: Growth

The end is near. Last night Part 1 of the reunion for Season 2 of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” aired and I will say that is was a little watered down for my liking […]


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Third Time’s A Charm – Ms. Berry To Be A Mrs. Again

Today’s Trending Topics: Rumor has it that Lamar Odom has been stepping out on Khloe Kardashian. Hear his reaction when a member of the paparazzi brings it up. Speaking of couples who aren’t doing so well: […]