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Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

[VIDEO] Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3: Sex, Lies and Videotape! What the Trailer Didn’t Show You!

Now everyone knows I’m the resident Love and Hip Hop guru. I do my thang on these reviews and ya’ll love it. I was supposed to hit ya’ll with this tea days ago, but the […]


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[VIDEO] Big Tigger Sees Redd – As In Karlie – After She Was Reportedly “Two-Pieced And Knocked Out!”

Have you seen “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta“? Then you have a sense of what you are about to witness. The VH1 hit reality show’s co-star, Karlie Redd, came to The Big Tigger Show today […]


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[REVIEW] “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” Season 2 Reunion Pt. 1: Growth

The end is near. Last night Part 1 of the reunion for Season 2 of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” aired and I will say that is was a little watered down for my liking […]


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[REVIEW] “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” S2E13: Ring The Alarm!

As we near the end of the season, we are seeing some pretty strange things happening… Let’s start with Kirk. This clown has been with Rasheeda for about 17 years. They were the balance holding […]


(Credit: Prince Williams/ATLPics.net)

[REVIEW] “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” S2E9: Game Changers

Last night’s episode was GREAT. We got a chance to see progress in some areas, and the same hot mess in others. But most of all… We saw some of the cast members attempt to […]



[REVIEW] “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” S2E8: Damage Control

I’m still laughing at how Mona Scott-Young really deserves a daytime Emmy for the way she’s shooting these episodes. They really are looking less and less like reality television and more and more like The […]


Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

[REVIEW] “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” S2E7: Cougars, Catfights, Con-Artists?

This episode the claws definitely came out! Traci Steele and Baby Drew… Smh. It just keeps getting worse. So the sneaker boutique is a no-go and it’s all because Baby Drew’s partner ran off with […]


Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

[REVIEW] “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” S2E6: Cover-Ups, Undercovers, Cancellations?

Last night’s episode was a drag. I only watched it because I was looking forward to the fight between Joseline and Karlie Redd (as shown on the previews last week) – but that part was […]


Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

[REVIEW] “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” S2E5: It’s Business, Not Personal!

This episode of  “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” was all over the place, but one thing we learned is that THIS IS SHOWBIZ! So let me break it down… Traci Steele and Baby Drew have […]


Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

[REVIEW] “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” S2E4: All The King’s Horses And All The King’s Men Couldn’t Put It Back Together Again!

These episodes are becoming more explosive; but let me state this for the record- MONA WE SEE HOW YOU ARE SHOOTING AND EDITING THIS TO LOOK LIKE A SCRIPTED SERIES INSTEAD OF A REALITY TELEVISION! […]