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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Shantel Jackson Gears Up For A Legal Match With Floyd Mayweather

Today’s Trending Topics: So former BFFs Benzino/Althea and Stebie/Joseline still aren’t friends. Got it. Also no longer sitting at the same lunch table are Shantel Jackson and Floyd Mayweather.


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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Drake Scores As Host Of ESPYs

Today’s Ryan Report: Apparently Joseline was doing a lot at the recent LHHATL reunion. The upcoming Whitney Houston biopic will feature no Whitney Houston music? Drake is unapologetically Drake and you can like it or you can hate it, but he’s […]


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: T.I. Delivers ‘No Mediocre’ Birthday Celebration For Tiny

Today’s Trending Topics: Things are looking good for one of our favorite couples, T.I. + Tiny! Congrats are in order for Tank! *long sigh* The LHHATL group is at it again, guys.


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[VIDEO] The RCMS With Wanda Smith: The Nikko/Mimi Exclusive

The morning after the Season 3 premier of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” (LHHATL) was pretty much another episode of VH1’s hit reality show – at V-103. Co-stars Nikko + Mimi spent basically the entire […]


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The Erica Dixon/Joseline Hernandez Episode That Happened BEFORE Tonight’s LHHATL Premiere

Erica Dixon came in to The Big Tigger Show today to discuss the new season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” which premieres tonight on VH1. And since she considers herself a true friend to […]


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[VIDEO] Big Tigger Tries To Keep Up With The Jordans (Stevie J and Joseline) – But Who Can?!

Stevie J and Joseline visited The Big Tigger Show today, and left it – as the self-professed “good guy” put it – in ashes! With the premiere of Season 3 of “Love and Hip Hop […]


Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

[VIDEO] Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3: Sex, Lies and Videotape! What the Trailer Didn’t Show You!

Now everyone knows I’m the resident Love and Hip Hop guru. I do my thang on these reviews and ya’ll love it. I was supposed to hit ya’ll with this tea days ago, but the […]


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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Love & Hip Hop & Leaked Tapes Atlanta

Today’s Ryan Report: You already know: Mimi, Nikko + LHHATL.



[REVIEW] “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” Season 2 Reunion Pt. 2: The Top 3 Moments

The final episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” Season 2, has aired. And if you saw it you are probably feeling like me: It was mediocre. We didn’t get to the bottom of the […]


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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Kanye Keeps His Loves Safely Locked Down

  Today’s Ryan Report: Kanye West is really not playin’ when it comes to the safety of Kim Kardashian and their little girl. An update on Stevie J‘s alleged extramarital(?) affairs.




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