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[VIDEO]: Laughin’ With Lavell, The RCMS Can’t Keep It Together!

  There are few people that can leave Ryan Cameron speechless, but comedian/actor Lavell Crawford did just that this morning on The Ryan Cameron Morning Show! Crawford has a quick whit that resonates into hilarious […]


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Wanda Smith: “I Would Be So Mad If This Were On My LAWN!”

I love to laugh, so naturally I would watch something hosted by a comedian. This episode of “Family Feud” is so funny I just had to share it. So can you tell me something that follows the […]


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Wanda Smith:”Eddie Murphy & Kevin Hart?”

So as celebrities begin to get into the Halloween spirit it’s only common that they would be the generics.Well Kevin Hart decided to go as a comedian…Not too creative huh? That’s what I thought until […]


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Wanda Smith: “Come To The Party With Me Tonight!”

This Friday night it’s going down with the baddest comedian ever Mr. T.K. Kirkland! This man is so funny and after hearing him this morning I know you don’t want to miss out on him […]


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Wanda Smith: “Do You Need some Money? I Am Giving It Away So Come Get It!”

It’s going to be an all out party tonight at The Ranch in College Park! Last week we had so much fun,so many talented people attended and I mean the crowd was huge filled with […]


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Wanda Smith: “Wanna Play The Lottery On Me?”

Economically everyone has some sort of struggle.I know this because I hear the stories everyday.So this Friday at The Original Uptown Comedy Corner I am giving you a chance to play the lottery on me! […]


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Wanda Smith: “Want To Hang Out With Me?”

Each and every Friday it goes down at The Original Uptown Comedy Corner. This week is no different. We are going to laugh and have so much fun you won’t be able to stand it. […]


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Wanda Smith: “OMG Kevin Hart How Dare You! “

So Kevin Hart stopped by the morning show and we began discussing what a woman expects from a man.Clearly we have different opinions.Check this out And if that wasn’t enough then he had the nerve […]


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Wanda Smith: “I’m Baaaaaack Wanna Hang With Me Call Now!”

I took the best vacation and now I’m back and ready to party hard with all of you at the one and only Uptown Comedy Corner! The special guests tonight are comedian Tony Luewellen A.K.A. […]


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Wanda Smith: “Twisted Thursday’s Has A New Twist! Have You Seen It?”

Each and every Thursday we go hard in the paint at Dugans on Memorial Drive.It’s always crazy packed and there’s loads of fun and entertainment the only way I know how to do it with […]