Defending Kevin Hart: The Ryan ReportDoes Wanda Smith make a convincing argument? Public you say what?
Cardi B Vs. NYPD: The Ryan Report"These New York cops don't know how to act or do their job."
The Kevin Hart Tape, Critiqued: The Ryan ReportJarard J watched it so you wouldn't have to. (IF you could find it now).
Parsing Kevin Hart's Apology: The Ryan Report"There's a difference between a mistake and a bad decision."
Tyrese's Alleged Beating Of His Daughter: The Ryan ReportHis ex-wife says he accused the 10-year-old of "stealing her own piggy bank money that she received for her birthday."
Kandi's Old Lady Gang Restaurant's New Grade From The Health Inspector: The Ryan Report"Little stuff," Ryan? Really?!
How Michelle Obama, Blue Ivy And More Celebrated Beyonce's 36th Birthday: The Ryan ReportNo Wanda, Khia wasn't among the well-wishers - that we know of...
A 'Power' Finale Spoiler Alert: The Ryan ReportAnd despite what Wanda says, it does NOT involve Kasim Reed and Caesar Mitchell.
On The Couch At A Therapy Session With Jay-Z: The Ryan Report"That level of getting to know yourself, that's the most difficult thing to do."
Master P Fires Back At Sandra Rose: The Ryan ReportAnd even TOP Hot Topic Dispenser Wendy Williams weighs in!
The Latest Rumored Couple That'll Make You Go 'Hmmmm': The Ryan ReportOr as Jarard J put it: "What?! Nawwww..."
Chris Tucker Considering 'Rush Hour' AND 'Friday' Sequels"I'm happy the people want to see another one."

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