Elle Duncan's 2 Minute Sports Drill

 MIKE VICK is back with a vengeance. With one of his best performance ever he lead the EAGLES to a BIG victory over the REDSKINS!!! Plus, LEBRON JAMES is nominated as TIME Magazines Person of the Year. […]


Elle Duncan's 2 Minute Sports Drill

The FALCONS claim first place in the NFC South while  the HAWKS were handed their first loss of the year. Plus, hear Cleveland fans’ answer to LEBRON JAMES’ most recent NIKE commercial. Run the drill to get all your latest updates […]


Elle Duncan's 2 Minute Sports Drill

The official start of the NBA season began last night with  a CELTIC’S 88-80 win over the HEAT !!! Find out what D. WADE and KING JAMES’ reaction was to their loss. Plus, I talked with JOE JOHNSON about  the […]


Lebron James Addresses Critics in New Nike Commercial

Should LEBRON JAMES be who we want him to be?? That’s the question that he ask in a new NIKE commerical that features him questioning his critics. Click “more” to view the commercial in its entirety!!


Elle Duncan's 2 Minute Sports Drill

Monday Night Football left the GIANTS with the win, while leaving TONY ROMO with a broken collarbone… OUCH!!! Plus, LEBRON JAMES’ new commercial has began to air just in time for NBA season tip off which starts […]


Elle Duncan's 2 Minute Sports Drill

  The Atlanta BRAVES seems to have their swag back as they pull off their 3rd win against the Marlins  and Jacksonville Jaguar’s KASSIM OSGOOD jumps out the window to avoid the beat down!!! YIKES!!! Run the drill […]


Elle Duncan's 2 Minute Sports Drill

BRETT FAVRE to return to the MINNESOTA VIKINGS??? and LEBRON JAMES speaks on how owner of the CLEVELAND CAVALIERS DAN GILBERt  is his “motivation” .


Elle Duncan's 2 Minute Drill

Hear MATT RYAN speak on the FALCONS’ win against the KANSAS CITY CHEIFS and  CHARLES BARKELY’S response to LEBRON JAMES’ actions since joining the MIAMI HEAT.


Charles Barkley Goes In On Lebron!!!!

Mannnnnnnnn Charles Barkley goes in on LEBRON JAMES….Click more to hear for yourself.


LeBrons New House???

LeBron just might be spending $50 million on his new house in Miami.  Rumors are the house is under contract.  Click more to check out the pics.