Leave & Cleave Part 1

Leave & Cleave Series With Reverend Larraine Forrester & Ramona DeBreaux

Part I: Give your mate first consideration. When couples marry, the ultimate goal is to become one in mind and spirit. In order to become one it’s important to embrace the Leave and Cleave principle. […]


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Valentine’s Cooking Class with Chef Rob Gayle & Ramona DeBreaux

Don’t have Valentines plans? Tired of the same old Valentines celebration? Are you to busy with work, the kids and life let Celebrity Chef Rob Gayle share your Valentines with you. Chef Rob Gayle is […]


Retailers Hope For Strong Christmas Season

This Weeks Fashion Trend From Ramona Debreaux

Ready to clean out those closets. Lets make room for the new by cleaning out the old. its is time to get rid of that sweater with the holes, jeans that just wont fit, slacks […]


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SITUATIONS With Wanda Smith: My Husband’s Best Friend Is Gay!

TODAY’S SITUATION: “ THE SUSPICIOUS WIFE AND & THE LOYAL HUSBAND” Gina asked Wanda for advice on how to deal with her husband (Darnell) who has a openly gay best friend (Kenny). Gina has issues […]


Photo Credit Wanda Smith

Wanda Smith:”I Better Not See This On My Thanksgiving Table!”

If you want to cause a fight, show up Thanksgiving Day with this Need help? Want to bake one yourself? Well here you go! BAM! I got you just please don’t show up with a […]


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Wanda Smith:”Shhhhh Don’t Tell Luscious I Let You In The Playhouse!”

All month-long I have had celebrations a little bit of everywhere!So my last celebration for the month was at the playhouse and I could have had this all to myself but I chose to share […]


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Wanda Smith:”Wanda’s Words Of Wisdom”

Each and every Wednesday I will take 1 or 2 questions that are sent to my email and post my thoughts about them.Lots of times people commit infractions and fall by the wayside simply because […]


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Wanda Smith:”I Had To Say This…”

Even though I am still not done I must say thanks to several people for my fabulous birthday surprises last week.I had so much fun walking into my Christmas wonderland it even smelled like Christmas.I […]


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[VIDEO] Wanda Smith: “If This Doesn’t Brighten Your Day, Nothing Will!”

So anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love Christmas! I am so glad it’s almost here I don’t know what to do. So I decided to take everyone down Christmas lane with me […]



Victory Thought: Are You Betraying Yourself?

It goes without saying that your friends are usually the first to discuss your personal business behind your back. ~ Terry McMillan If there is anything you don’t want people to know about you, don’t […]