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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Kerry Washington Handles The Cover Of Elle

Today’s Ryan Report: Dancer/choreographer Wade Robson is coming out of the woodworks way after the fact and claiming that Michael Jackson did indeed molest him. Kerry Washington is on the cover of Elle and, as per usual, looks […]


Elle Duncan’s Bust It Report: Bobbi Kristina Is Addicted

  BOBBI KRISTINA admits that she is addicted…to life, CEE LO GREEN’S’s song “Forget You” gets a holy twist and can Elle Duncan be her own BUSTER OF THE WEEK? BUST IT WIDE OPEN FOR ALL THE […]


Elle Duncan’s Bust It Report: The Situation’s Mouth Is A Situation!

& CHARLIE SHEEN is “Winning” at standup, hopefully LAURYN HILL learns to be on time for her tours, THE SITUATION gets in one…while roasting on SNOOP DOG, D’ANGELO’s addiction to brown sugar gets him into trouble, and WANDA […]


Elle Duncan’s Bust It Report: “Basketball Wives” Minus One?

  Atlanta’s own SHAWTY LO tells what he chooses, CHRIS BREEZY explains why he is a grown man and EVELYN LOZADA from BASKETBALL WIVES wants to bounce… BUST IT WIDE OPEN FOR ALL THE JUICE!!!


Elle Duncan’s Bust It Report: What Bobby Has To Say About Bobbi Kristina

  BOBBY BROWN defends his daughter’s infamous pictures, MICHELLE OBAMA asks BEYONCE to help with her LET’S MOVE CAMPAIGN, plus another snippet from CHRIS BROWN’S new album which you can hear exclusively at his V103  private  listening party with GREG STREET….BUST IT […]


Elle Duncan’s Bust It Report: Bobbi Kristina Tweets About Alleged Snorting Pictures

BOBBY CHRISTINA addresses cocaine pictures on TWITTER, JUSTIN BIEBER’S hair is worth a lot of mula, NAACP Image Awards and find out why CHARLIE SHEEN made BUSTER OF THE WEEK twice in a row….BUST IT WIDE OPEN FOR ALL THE JUICE!!!


Elle Duncan’s Bust It Report: Aretha Franklin on “The Wendy Williams Show”

  ARETHA FRANKLIN goes on the WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW to  talk about her surgery, MIKE TYSON performs OSCAR winning movie KING’S SPEECH, and FARRAKHAN rebukes RIHANNA …. BUST IT WIDE OPEN FOR ALL THE  JUICE!!!!


[AUDIO] Elle Duncan’s Bust It Report:Hear What Willlow Smith May Debut For Oprah Tuesday

  CIARA and RIHANNA have a TWITTER cat fight, WILLOW SMITH debuts new single on OPRAH, and now it’s BOBBY BROWN’s prerogative to sing on GEORGE LOPEZ…BUST IT WIDE OPEN FOR ALL THE JUICE!


Elle Duncan’s Bust It Report: Keyshia Cole In The News/Nude?!

KAYNE WEST’S video featuring RIHANNA is causing seizures? KEYSHIA COLE has nude pics, MARIAH CAREY’S sister is giving house calls, and find out why CHARLIE SHEEN made BUSTER OF THE WEEK….BUST IT WIDE OPEN FOR ALL […]


Elle Duncan’s Bust It

BUJU BANTON got a little too high on life, LIL BOOSIE is rapping…about his lawyer and RAY J is on “top” of the next project…..BUST IT WIDE OPEN FOR ALL THE JUICE!!!