Photo by Jean Ross CBS Radio

Garden Lights, Holiday Nights Until January 5

Atlanta Midtown will never be the same now that Garden Lights, Holiday Nights – the city’s newest holiday tradition – is back to transform the Atlanta  Botanical Garden in Piedmont Park into a giant magical kaleidoscope. The […]


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Wanda Smith: “This Is The Most Gross Thing I Have Ever Heard!”

I love to eat out at some of my favorite restaurants whenever I can.Seeing things like this make me say you know what if it isn’t from “The Mustard Seed” I am going to just cook!


Wanda Smith: “I’ve Watched It 10 Times And I Still Don’t Believe It!”

    This was the most amazing thing I have seen in a long time! You should never underestimate the power of determination…


So Just How Hungry Are You????

When your’e hungry sometimes a quick burger on the ride home will take the edge off until dinner time right??? Well what does this do for you????


Ok This Is Just Wrong……….

I love to laugh.It actually takes a lot to make me laugh.But then I see things like this and shake my head yet laugh all at the same time…..Whoever did this better