England Fans Arrive Ahead of Algeria Clash

Ramona Debreaux Shares Three Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Its 2015 and sure that eating healthy and loosing weight is the top of your resolutions list. Here are three ways to boost your metabolism and start shedding those calories. Make sure you have breakfast […]


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Ramona DeBreaux Talks Southern Lovin and Cookin With The Neely’s

In their new book, “Back Home With The Neelys” the husband and wife couple discuss family traditions with a new modern day twist.Pat & Gina Neely have recipes for you such as Bourbon French Toast, […]


Photo by Jean Ross CBS Radio

Garden Lights, Holiday Nights Until January 5

Atlanta Midtown will never be the same now that Garden Lights, Holiday Nights – the city’s newest holiday tradition – is back to transform the Atlanta  Botanical Garden in Piedmont Park into a giant magical kaleidoscope. The […]


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Wanda Smith: “This Is The Most Gross Thing I Have Ever Heard!”

I love to eat out at some of my favorite restaurants whenever I can.Seeing things like this make me say you know what if it isn’t from “The Mustard Seed” I am going to just cook!


Wanda Smith: “I’ve Watched It 10 Times And I Still Don’t Believe It!”

    This was the most amazing thing I have seen in a long time! You should never underestimate the power of determination…


So Just How Hungry Are You????

When your’e hungry sometimes a quick burger on the ride home will take the edge off until dinner time right??? Well what does this do for you????


Ok This Is Just Wrong……….

I love to laugh.It actually takes a lot to make me laugh.But then I see things like this and shake my head yet laugh all at the same time…..Whoever did this better