drunk driving

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Mixed Reaction To Lowering Drunk Driving Standards

(Atlanta, GA) — There is not a lot of enthusiasm over calls to lower the drunk driving threshold from point-oh-eight to point-oh-five. The National Transportation Safety Board made the suggestion two weeks ago. But the […]


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Stay Safe On The Roads Over The Holiday

Georgia State Troopers are looking for suspected drunk drivers over the holiday season. Troopers have announced they will step up patrols on surrounding highways through January 1. Col. Mark McDonough the Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public […]


Keeping You Safe

If you plan to go out and party this holiday, Budweiser and Triple A will make sure you get back home safely.


He is OUT!

Damon Evans has officially resigned as the Athletic Director of the University of Georgia.


Get a Designated Driver….Please

If you are going to be out visiting friends and neighbors and enjoying the holiday Please…Please…Please arrange to have a designated driver. Georgia State Patrol will have checkpoints set up to catch those who break […]