Django Unchained

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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Paul Walker Continues To Keep His Daughter A First Priority

  Today’s Ryan Report: There’s a little drama surrounding actor Paul Walker‘s will. We all know Jamie Foxx earned the role of the title character in Django Unchained, but another famous actor auditioned as well. A look […]



[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Lance Armstrong To Begin His Tour de Confessions

Today’s Ryan Report: As if Django Unchained hasn’t attracted enough attention and controversy, director Quentin Tarantino speaks out on his use of the n-word in his latest film. Lance Armstrong admits to Oprah that he used performance enhancing […]



[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: “Django Unchained” Action Figures?

Today’s Ryan Report: As if Django Unchained wasn’t controversial enough, now there are Django action figures. Rapper The Game has some advice for Justin Bieber just in case the Biebs wants to light up again. Al Roker has a confession! (A […]


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Louis Farrakhan On ‘Django Unchained’ Motive: “It’s Preparation For Race War”

Quentin Tarantino’s controversial movie, Django Unchained, has drawn strong reactions for mashing up a spaghetti western with a slave narrative. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, has upped the ante with a take on the […]



[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Bandz A Make You Jailed?

Today’s Ryan Report: Just when you thought Ice-T and Coco were going to be able to ride into the sunset with this whole almost-infidelity drama behind them…rapper AP-9 returns! Trey Songz used improper form whilst making […]


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Rick Ross And John Legend Land On Oscar’s Not-So-Short List

Rick Ross, John Legend and Anthony Hamilton have been shortlisted for Best Original Song Oscar Nominations. While this increases their chances, the list is not so short.