Dear Egypt

(Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)

[POLL] Ask Egypt: I’m Sleeping With A Married Atlanta Pastor

Dear Egypt, For the last 2 years I have been involved with a married man, and that’s not the worst part, he also happens to be a pastor of a church here in Atlanta and […]



Ask Egypt: Should I Accept The Job? Or Stay With Him?

Dear Egypt, I’ve been dating the same man for 5 years now. We live together, but we don’t have any children and clearly there’s no proposal in the near future. But I say that to […]



Ask Egypt: I Love Her But Her Kids Are A Nightmare!

Dear Egypt, I’ve been dating this beautiful, smart, sexy, fine black business woman who can cook! But her kids are bad as hell! Listen, she already didn’t tell me she had kids until 6 months […]



Ask Egypt: If No Intercourse Is Involved, Is It Still Cheating?

Dear Egypt, I’m upset because I don’t trust my wife. You know that social networks have taken over real live. Well, my wife is always on Facebook. Last week she left her page open and […]



Ask Egypt: Possibly My Baby, What Should I Do?

Dear Egypt, I’m not the writing type of guy, but I listen to your show and you sound like you have good common sense. Some years ago, I had a slight affair with my cousin’s […]


Sonia Murray/CBS Local

Ask Egypt: My Fiance Was Looking At Gay Porn

Dear Egypt, I have listened to your advice letters and I think you give good advice. Normally I wouldn’t write in to a radio show to air my business but I’m so confused and really […]


Sonia Murray/CBS Local

Ask Egypt: He Cheated AND Got Her Pregnant!

Dear Egypt, I’ve been dating this guy for almost 5 years and I love him with all my heart. The thing is we’ve been through so much and I took him back through all the […]


Sonia Murray/CBS Local

[POLL] Ask Egypt: If She’s Creeping, Should I Tell?

Dear Egypt, So the other day I went out to a bar and across the room from me I spot my friend Rob‘s (don’t worry, I changed his name) girlfriend. Now I was caught off […]