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Common Wishes Ex-Girl Serena Williams Well with Drake, Despite One-time Rap Beef

So Drake gets the girl after rap beef with Common, who insists “As long as she’s happy, he’s happy.”



[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Will Smith To Revisit His Throne As The Prince Of Bel-Air

Today’s Trending Topics: Training Day is coming to TV! The Wiz LIVE! is gonna be LIT. The Fresh Prince is coming back!



[VIDEO] Trending Topics: No One ‘Forgot About Dre’s Past Bad Decisions And He Explains

Today’s Trending Topics: Again: things are not looking good for Bill Cosby. Congrats to Common! His new TV project sound like a winner. Straight Outta Compton comes out tomorrow! Dr. Dre (sort of) ‘fesses up to some […]


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Who Is Common Playing in ‘Suicide Squad?’

It looks like the rapper Common is not being typecast based on the color of his skin in the upcoming movie ‘Suicide Squad.’


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Nicki Minaj Joins ‘Barbershop 3’ Cast

You’ve been waiting for a decade, and now your patience has been rewarded.


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Common Joins the Cast of ‘Suicide Squad’

Jared Leto isn’t the only musician getting into the superhero game.


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Common Struck By An Uncommon Penalty

Today’s Trending Topics: Common is being penalized for a song he released 15 years ago. Ok. Chris Rock is fed up, y’all. Also done with the BS is Lil’ Wayne.


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Common Loses Commencement Speech Over Cop Killer Song

A 15-year-old song is the source behind Common’s commencement speech being canceled just one day after it was announced.


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ATLANTA FILM FESTIVAL: REVOLT TV’s ‘Chicago Love’ Documentary Separates The Fact From The Fiction

In case you missed it when it originally aired back in November, Atlanta Film Festival sponsor, REVOLT, is presenting a special screening of its documentary feature, Chicago Love. At the time of this post, it […]


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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Raven Offers Her Questionable View On ‘The View’

Today’s Ryan Report: Is saying questionable things now becoming a habit that’s so Raven? We get what you’re saying Common, but…nah, bruh. Not today. Beloved, don’t ask Karrueche about Chris Brown.