Bobby Ray

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[VIDEO] B.o.B.’s “Strange Clouds” Ascend To The Top 5 Albums In The Country!

B.o.B‘s Strange Clouds blasted off with first-week sales topping all other rap releases and coming in at No. 5 in all genres. While he’s still flying high, B.o.B already has plans that would send him […]



[VIDEO] B.o.B Is A Man Of Extreme Artistic Ability

B.o.B. and T.I. turned the knobs all the way up and broke them off on “The Ryan Cameron Show.”


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B.o.B. Flies High Atop “Strange Clouds”

B.o.B. aka Bobby Ray pushed the boundaries of rap with his debut album The Adventures of Bobby Ray, which blended genres gave pop wings to his hip-hop sensibilities. With his sophomore album, Strange Clouds, which […]



[VIDEO] Where Did B.o.B. Go Right After Performing For The President? The Ryan Cameron Show (Of Course)

When he was performing outside the Athlete’s Foot in the local mall and people knew him as Bobby Ray, Elle Duncan was able to corner him in the studio and have him record the intro […]