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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: OMG, Usher Charged His Phone WHERE?

Today’s Trending Topics: The Bill Cosby situation keeps getting worse. There may be a Wiz Khalifa sex tape floating around out there in the universe – just fyi. Usher charged his phone…in a woman’s…?


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Why Pharrell’s Especially “Happy” – Today

Today’s Trending Topics: This GRAMMY edition begins early tomorrow on “CBS This Morning,” when the roll-out of the nominations for the music industry’s honor begins; concluding with “A Very Grammy Christmas” at 9 p.m. . It […]


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: No Kidding – Come For The First Kids + It’s Curtains

Today’s Trending Topics: Easy lesson: leave Obama‘s girls’ names out of your mouth. Also leave their names off of your social media if you’re gonna be gross about them. This Bill Cosby situation continues to get […]


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[VIDEO] The People’s Station Appreciation Project: It’s Always A ‘Primetime’ For Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe slays and that’s not up for debate. From her addictive melodies to her ***flawless makeup to her infectious positive messages + energy, she provides life everlasting. Although I’ve tried countless times to style my […]


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Is It ‘Bad’ That Wale + Jerry Seinfeld Don’t Agree On This Combination?

Today’s Trending Topics: Jerry Seinfeld + Wale had quite a discussion. ABOUT SKRIPPERS. Speaking of being nekkid, did you know certain companies hand out awards for that?


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: The Beyoncé “7/11″ Edition

Today’s Trending Topics: Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé! There’s a Rihanna look alike running around outchea making appearances as RiRi. Girl… RIP Queen Latifah Show  :(


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: More Alleged Bad About Bill

Today’s Trending Topics: The newest allegations against Bill Cosby :(


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: More “Interesting, But Messy” Details About “Money” Mayweather’s Misbehavior

Today’s Trending Topics: From 50 Cent to Nelly to Nelly’s rumored current love (and a certain heavyweight’s ex), it seems like everyone is taking a swing at Floyd “Money” Mayweather outside of the ring, doesn’t it? […]


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Kanye West’s Wife Tries To Break The Internet And Guess Who STILL Benefits?!

Today’s Trending Topics: Kim Kardashian‘s eye-popping splash of nakedness on the cover of Paper magazine last week continues to benefit in ways even her master marketer mom probably couldn’t even imagine…First have you seen Ellen DeGeneres […]


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Timbaland Hated Lifetime’s Take On Baby Girl Aaliyah’s Biopic – Better Tell Somebody

Today’s Trending Topics: Solange‘s big day was perfect! Until after the ceremony. Speaking of the Knowles family, outcast Mathew is still not having an awesome time. The Aaliyah biopic was terrible! Timbaland was not quiet about […]





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