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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Who’s That Suspect Dippin’ In The Cadillac? Snoop Dogg!

Today’s Trending Topics: Snoop Dogg was stopped by the cops…in Sweden. The judge is not buying 50 Cent‘s ‘I’m not that rich!!!!!’ speeches. Bill Cosby‘s stock keeps going down, down, down, down, dooooooown, lower than we’ve […]

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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: To Be ‘Honest’ – Future Will Be Back Because ‘You Deserve It’

Today’s Trending Topics: Future did his best to salute his fans, the world was against him, but he’ll be back!! Wale was at the White House! The Birdman/Lil’ Wayne/Young Thug saga continues.


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: That Was Swift – No More ‘Bad Blood’ Between Nicki + Taylor

Today’s Trending Topics: Meek Mill would like you to know that he’s really real outchea. But he’s not welcome in Toronto. Ok. The Taylor Swift/Nicki Minaj “beef”seems to be over.



[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Chris Brown’s Troubles Are Lined From ‘Wall To Wall’

Today’s Trending Topics: The woman who 2 Chainz “slandered” wants more money. 50 Cent is now saying he doesn’t have THAT much money. Chris Brown is…having a rough time.



[VIDEO] Trending Topics: ‘No Days Off’ For Wale As He Preps For White House Appearance

Today’s Trending Topics: Kanye‘s got a new video coming! Wale is doing some positive things! Miley Cyrus is hosting the VMAs!



[VIDEO] Trending Topics: It’s Chappelle’s Show At Art Benefit

Today’s Trending Topics: Congrats are in order for Dave Chappelle + more! Thing are (still) looking bleeeeeeak for Bill Cosby.


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Home Invasions + Baby Mama Drama – It Ain’t Easy Being Breezy

Today’s Trending Topics: Chris Brown is having a rough week. To let her ex tell it, DeSean Jackson‘s lady is only in that relationship for the money. ORLANDO AND DRAYA ARE STILL DOING A LOT.


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Foul On Draya’s (Excessive) Play – Orlando Scandrick Acquires Restraining Order

Today’s Trending Topics: Congrats are in order for Reggie Bush + his wife! Congrats are also in order for Fantasia! …but things aren’t looking good for Draya and her ex. Nick Gordon isn’t having a good […]


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Timbaland’s Wife Is Done + He Has To ‘Bounce’

Today’s Trending Topics: Halle Berry needs her ex to GET. A. JOB. Timbaland‘s wife has filed for divorce. For a second time. Future discusses why he + Ciara are a thing of the past.



[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Keeping It Unreal With Bill + Camille

Today’s Trending Topics: Rihanna has another stalker. 50 Cent has filed for bankruptcy. Camille Cosby has an interesting outlook on things. In. teresting.