Legal Discussion about the case against Bishop Eddie Long

Attorney Alwyn Fredericks of Cash Krugler and Fredericks Law Firm came into the studio to give his insight from a lawyer’s perpective about how the case and allegations against Bishop Eddie Long will play out […]


Bishop Eddie Long's Spokesman Calls In

ART FRANKLIN is the head of public relations at NEW BIRTH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH and called in to speak on the behalf of  BISHOP EDDIE LONG and the allegations about misconduct by the bishop with two young […]


4 Lawsuits Against Bishop Eddie Long-Latest Info!

Late Friday afternoon a fourth man joined three others who are filing lawsuits against Bishop Eddie Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church on charges of sexual coercion.  Click more for the latest info on […]


Frank Ski Remains Loyal

FRANK SKI lets the listeners know where his position stands concerning the allegations with BISHOP EDDIE LONG.