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(Photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images for BET)

“Being Mary Jane’s” Richard Roundtree Talks To Ramona DeBreaux

We know him each week as Paul Patterson, father of Mary Jane however Richard Roundtree says that they are similar in a lot of ways. Richard Roundtree says that this show changes the landscape as […]


Photo Credit: Sean Cokes Artistry Makeup: Terrell Hunt-Moore

Stacii Jae’s Single Girls Club Diaries, Chapter 12: “I Heard, A Girl Should be Like A Butterfly. Can I Be a Butterfly and Still Twerk On Occassion”?

Hey Booski Boos: Recently I read this post that said “A girl should be like a butterfly. Pretty to SEE, hard to CATCH”. I totally believe this. But ONE question…. Can I hustle, work hard, […]


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Ramona DeBreaux Winter School Supply Drive

Ramona DeBreaux has joined 40 Girls & Some Shoes and Adamsville Warriors to collect school supplies. Ramona DeBreaux will be live 10A-2PM this Thursday, January 22, 2015 at Adamsville Primary School. The address is 286 […]


(Credit: David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment)

[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Stevie J. May Soon Be Behind Bars

Todays Trending Topics: NANCY GRACE GOT BODIED BY 2 CHAINZ. Now she wants a rematch. Girl… Well, it’s official: Nick + Mariah are getting divorced. Stevie J may be headed to the slammer.



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