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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Adele's "25" To Be A 2.3 Million Record Breaker?!The even more surprising thing may be how many DAYS it took for "25" to get there!
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: The Good, Bad And Ugly Of The AMAs (According To Kenya Moore)
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: 2 Chainz Told Us About The "Feds Watching" - But "RHOA"?!Speaking of watching, "Empire's" numbers are taking a turn back upwards - strengthening its still-dominant position
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: The Digs At Taye About The Decision He's Leaving To His SonAnyone else wondering why Idina Menzel has yet to weigh in?
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Wanda Smith - "You Know I Love Me Some NeNe, BUT..."Think "Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-star NeNe Leakes will be giving Ryan a call if she hears what Wanda said?
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: So Is This What Charlie Sheen Meant By "Tiger Blood"?Now that we know the news about Charlie Sheen, is anyone really surprised?
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Rick Ross Would Stop Fighting With 50 Cent If...Meanwhile, why would Jackee Harry start something with Patti LaBelle, Vivica Fox, 50 Cent AND Keyshia Cole?!
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Who Knew This Fox Had So Much Fight?! (Oh Yeah - All Those Roles...)Guess who's slipped back on her $350,000 engagement ring?!
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Even Pneumonia's Not Going To Stop Tamar's Pursuit Of That Disco BallHave you ever counted how many jobs Tamar Braxton has?! (At least as of this Ryan Report...)
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Watch What Happens When Vivica Fox Gives Her 50 Cent On Her Ex...And that was AFTER a previous round of back and forth between 50 Cent and Rick Ross on Instagram!
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: What The "Hey Ya!" Do You Mean OutKast Turned Down The Super Bowl?!And Rich Homie Quan - Ryan and Wanda WISH you'd shown such cautiousness with this one.
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: From Meek Mill To Wale To Rick Ross's FORMER FianceeSo what happens with that $300,000-plus engagement ring?!
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