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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Waka Flocka Arrested For Accidental Gun Possession – O, Let’s Not Do That

Today’s Ryan Report: Waka Flocka was recently arrested. Also recently back in jail is Apollo Nida, who will soon be going through a divorce. A look at the numbers for the film adaptation of Zane’s ‘Addicted’.


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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: How Paula Got Her Groove Back

Today’s Ryan Report: Guess who’s the latest victim of the iCloud hack scheme? Oh, boy. Paula Patton has moved on! Adrian Peterson has messed up again!


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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: He Didn’t ‘Get Her Back’ – Paula’s Out Of Here

Today’s Ryan Report: Bruh, you don’t know Jay-Z? Well, it’s over: Paula Patton has filed for divorce. 24/7 Beyonce is now a thing on the radio.


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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: A Lil’ Marriage + Drama For Lil’ Mo

Today’s Trending Topics: Lil’ Mo got married! …also, she and Chante Moore still don’t get along, just fyi. Nick Cannon is (allegedly) getting un-married and so that epic ‘Mariah‘ back tattoo had to go. Maybe one […]


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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: NeNe Is Still VERY Rich

Today’s Ryan Report: ICYMI, NeNe is still very, VERY rich, _____! The game is over for The Game. So Christina Milian and Lil’ Wayne are a thing and Christina is not afraid to show it. Drake‘s stripper friend who […]


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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Phaedra To Park Herself In Ellen’s Chair + Reveal All

Today’s Ryan Report: So…apparently, Adrian Peterson‘s behavior has been questionable for a little while. Phaedra will be breaking her silence very soon! The Money Team has a new member!


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[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Lil’ Boosie Bad Assessment

Today’s Ryan Report: We would say Raven-Symonè proudly came out to the world last night, but she doesn’t like to be labeled…at all. Lil’ Boosie. Bruh. Fam. Dawg. Son. WHAT? Who is catfishing us? This can’t be Mariah. These can’t be […]


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[VIDEO] The RCMS With Wanda Smith: It’s J.Hud’s World

We’re gearing up for our Soul Session with Jennifer Hudson, so she stopped  by this morning! Watch the rest of J.Hud‘s interview below:  



[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Real Friend Of Atlanta

Today’s Ryan Report: Porsha Stewart will have a more minor role next season on RHOA. More drama from Wal-Mart. We hope you know who Floyd Mayweather is, ’cause if you don’t, YOU MIGHT GET THESE HANDS, BRUH! Just […]



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