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[VIDEO] Trending Topics: The $13,000 Bounty On Diddy?!But was Diddy trying to do the same to Suge Knight? First?
Ryan Cameron's "Somebody's Gotta Say Something:" Cam NewtonAs we get ready for the Super Bowl somebody's gotta say something !you're never a prophet in your own land! we know that from the Bible and I want to talk about Atlanta's own Cam Newton who has done almost everything known to man in the sport of football is still not loved in Atlanta and speaks to the fact that you're never a prophet in your own land...
Make Time To Be In The Right Mind: LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLESTAs we make time to be in the right mind living life to the fullest is about the quality of our lives, rather than the quantity. Scan your relationships. Are they honoring the truth of who you are? Could you show up more in how you interact with your loved ones?
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Apparently A Certain Music Writer Hasn't Seen A Certain Elevator Video..."I thought we were all pretty clear that I don't give a [expletive], like a year ago."
Earth, Wind & Fire Founder Maurice White Dead At 74Earth, Wind & Fire was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for its catalog of thoughtful ("That's The Way Of The World"), inspirational ("Shining Star"), soaring ("September"), loving ("Love's Holiday") offerings to many a genre of music.
Maria Boynton Reports: Cardiologist Dr. David Montgomery Says It's Crucial That Women Get Checked For Heart DiseaseFriday Is National Wear Red Day, Supporting The American Heart Association In The Fight Against Heart Disease And Stroke In Women.
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Be Gone - Declares Queen Bey!Cousin included?!
SITUATIONS WITH WANDA SMITH: When You Want To Get Your Hon-tey Where You Make Your Mon-teyToday's situation comes from Lanae who after being on job for 9 years, is now tasked with training the man who has been hired to be her new boss. There’s just one BIG problem. Lanae has found herself in the middle of heated attraction between her and her new boss.
Make Time To Be In The Right Mind: PRACTICE RADICAL SELF-ACCEPTANCEAs we make time to be in the right mind if God is good, then God IS good. If everything is energy, which is the case; and if God is all there is, then God is ALL there is. As extensions of God, we should find nothing about ourselves to reject or deem as "wrong." Radical self-acceptance is a decision to be compassionate with ourselves, just as we are.
[VIDEO] The Ryan Report: Now It's Future And Young Thug Arguing (And You Can Actually Understand What They're Saying)And yes, it is also about an album coming out, too.
Zika Virus Confirmed in GeorgiaThe Georgia Department of Public Health has confirmed that the first travel related Zika virus case is in Georgia...
[VIDEO] Trending Topics: Are You Ready For All Of J-Lo's Jelly?Or as Big Tigger called it, "J-Lo's J-LO?!" Whatever you call it, it may soon be available for public consumption.

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