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[VIDEO] Salon Sizzle: When Should You Calm Down On The Smack Down?

  I think it’s safe to say that while growing up, many of us got disciplined with some type of physical force. Be it the belt, a switch, or a hand – you knew what […]


(Credit: Sonia Murray - CBS Local)

[VIDEO] Salon Sizzle: The Double Standards Of Cheating

  Let’s get this straight first: it’s definitely not cool or okay to cheat while you’re in a relationship. However, it seems that women are often expected to maybe forgive and forget infidelity while men are […]


(Credit: Sonia Murray - CBS Local)

[VIDEO] Salon Sizzle: Of Marriage & Men

Today’s Salon Sizzle focuses on marriage. Who wants it more – men or women? Watch and listen to Big Tigger, Derek J, and some our our listeners as they discuss what they think and why.


(Credit: Sonia Murray - CBS Local)

[VIDEO] Salon Sizzle: Why Are We Still Pulling The Complexion Card?

    There are a number of topics within the African-American community that just seem to never die. One is most definitely the discussion of stereotypes surrounding skin complexion. In the video above, Big Tigger […]


(Credit: Sonia Murray - CBS Local)

[VIDEO] Salon Sizzle: The Need To Show Out On Social Media

  Standing next to a really nice car that isn’t ours. Rocking a nice chain that we bought with next month’s rent. Posting all of this and more about our status on social media to […]