The Sour Taste Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Scholarship Has Left In Some People’s Mouth: The Ryan Report

In what could be considered no less than a benevolent gesture, Beyonce decided to celebrate the one-year anniversary (April 25) of her “Lemonade” visual album by starting a scholarship to empower young women to follow their passion.

It’s HOW one receives the Formation Scholars Award that became a point of contention during today’s Ryan Report.

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“You must be able to tell Beyonce – or those picking the people who are gonna be the winners – how ‘Lemonade’ changed your life,” Ryan Cameron said.

“I’m not a fan,” Ryan said someone commented on a post about the scholarship, “but really, so we got tell you how great you are and then that’s how we get it?!”

“Can I tell you something?” Wanda Smith interjected. “Why was I thinking that same thing?”

” ‘I’m Wanda Smith and I want to give away $1 million, but you’ve got to tell me first what you love about me. How do I help you every day?’

“That’s crazy.”

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