Why Von Miller Doesn’t Want You To See His Sex Tape: The Ryan Report

Forget all of the formalities, in today’s Ryan Report we’re skipping right to the sex.

So…as Ryan Cameron put it, Super Bowl-winning Denver Bronco Von Miller was vacationing in Cancun a few months ago, during which time he met a young lady and – a-hem – “they had THE THING going on while they were alone. Several times.”

He reportedly knew she recorded it, “but he insisted: ‘Hey yo, keep this between us,’ ” as Ryan tells the story. Then when Miller circled back to ask her to get rid of it, “she replied – are you ready for this? – GOTCHU!”

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Since, the woman has supposedly shopped the sex tape to celebrity gossip giant TMZ (which allegedly passed). And after not getting $2.5 million from him to keep it out of public view, Miller says, the outside linebacker is asking a judge to step in and block her.

“Is he married?” Wanda Smith asked.

“No,” Ryan answered.

“Alright then, what’s the problem?”

“[There] must be something not right on the tape.”

Apparently that wasn’t a satisfactory answer for Wanda, so she continued her line of questioning: “What could have went so bad that he [doesn’t want the videotape out?!”

“Well,” Ryan finally shares, “according to some reports, they’re saying, ‘Ehhhhhhh, women may not be too excited about Von’s Miller…
They say that his Denver Bronco is more like a My Little Pony.”

“Oh alright.” Wanda replied understandingly. “Yeah, I wouldn’t want to see that either.”

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