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Obama Senior Advisor To Ramona: “This Is So Important To The President”

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(Credit: Jim Watson-Pool/Getty Images)

(Credit: Jim Watson-Pool/Getty Images)

Ramona DeBreaux
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Today Valerie Jarrett – Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama – called in to the show to talk about Obamacare and the swiftly approaching deadline.

“This is so important to the president,” Jarrett told Ramona. “He wants to make sure every American has this important coverage.”

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Not only is it intended for those who don’t have health insurance at this time, but those that do who may need extra assistance – like individuals with adult children, or senior citizens who could use help with medications, Jarrett explained.

“Everyone should have that piece of mind of knowing they are insured,” she continued. “You insure your car, your home, your cel phone, your computer – but what about your body, right?”

The deadline is March 31. Hear what else Jarrett had to say about why you should act, today…

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