CNN’s Don Lemon To Big Tigger: “There’s A Chance That Michael Dunn Could Walk”

After this past weekend’s verdict in the so-called “loud music” or “thug music” trial in Florida, those who did not believe Michael Dunn shot and killed teenager Jordan Davis in self defense could at least find some comfort that while the jury could not come to a verdict on the first degree murder charge, Dunn could very well spend the rest of his life in jail after being found guilty on four other counts.

But even that is not a foregone conclusion, CNN anchor Don Lemon told The Big Tigger Show today.

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Minutes earlier he had just interviewed renowned attorney Alan Dershowitz, who said “prosecutor ineptitude” could mean “there’s a chance that Michael Dunn could walk.”

Hear what else Lemon has to say about a possible Dunn appeal and/or retrial; what it will take to get rid of Stand Your Ground laws; George Zimmerman claiming to be a victim (after being found not guilty of killing another teenager); as well as Lemon being called “highly opinionated” (interestingly enough) by a commentator on competitor Fox News.

Don Lemon on The Big Tigger Show

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