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[VIDEO] Egypt: Omarosa Says “White Women Are Mediocre & Black Women Have to Be Exceptional”

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(Credit: Neilson Barnard/
Getty Images Entertainment)

(Credit: Neilson Barnard/
Getty Images Entertainment)

Egypt has won over countless listeners with her dynamic delivery and...
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What a moment on the “Bethenny” Frankel show!

Notorious mean girl, Omarosa Manigault touched a nerve when she said that “White women can get by just being mediocre and black women have to be exceptional.” It turned into a catfight after that.

(You can catch the whole thing on the video below).

Although Omarosa could have chosen her words more wisely considering the mainly Caucasian audience, do you think she has a point?

Do you think black women have to go above and beyond to be noticed?

Vote below….

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