Kendra G: How LudaDay Weekend Inspired Me To Move To Atlanta

It’s that time of the year again – LudaDay Weekend!

For the last three years I flew down to Atlanta from Philly just for LudaDay Weekend. And last year – during the white party at Compound – I met Ryan Cameron. And I decided then that I loved Atlanta so much that I should move here.

The first thing I did to make that goal a reality was look for a job. And while I was in Atlanta, I had an audition with V-103 and was told if I moved here I would have an offer for a part-time shift.

So two weeks later, I packed up my place in Philly, put it all in storage and moved.

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Now, a year later, I’ve changed that part-time offer into a full-time opportunity with V-103 – and on The Ryan Cameron Morning Show, at that! (And don’t forget CNN on the weekends!) LOOK AT GOD!

Never be afraid to take a leap of faith! Just pack up your stuff and moveeeeee to where your dreams can come alive!

Much love to my industry brothers, Chaka Zulu and Ludacris for always being supportive since Day One. Love y’all! (And SO happy this LudaDay Weekend that I don’t need a hotel room, because I live here now!)

Check out some of my past photos from previous LudaDay Weekends; and all of the details on LudaDay Weekend 2013 are below.

Chaka Zulu, Kendra G, Ludacris at Pool Party 2012
(Credit: Courtesy of Kendra G)


Kendra G hosting the Pool Party 2012
(Credit: Courtesy of Kendra G)


Kendra G and Jermaine Dupri “All White Party”
Photo Courtesy: Kendra G

Kendra G, Ludacris, Fab “All White Party 2012”
(Credit: Courtesy of Kendra G)


Kendra G, Ludacris, Kevin Hart “Block Party 2012”
Photo Courtesy: Kendra G

LudaDay Weekend 2013


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