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[VIDEO] The RCMS Presents: So You Think Kendra G Can’t Dance

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Ryan Cameron
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If you know nothing else about Kendra G, you know two things: she loves almost all things Beyonce and she knows all the dance moves from all of Beyonce’s videos. You may also know that Kendra is prone to doing said dance moves at any time and in any place. She is a great dancer!


Like true friends, Ryan, Mo, Crash and the rest of The RCMS held an on-air intervention with Kendra to let her know that she was – to quote Ryan Cameron – the worst dancer in Atlanta.

To be fair, the crew gave Kendra G one more chance to prove that she could really dance. So what happened? Did our heroine prove the Ryan King and the rest of the morning show wrong? Did she set the studio ablaze with her hot dance moves? Did Beyonce watch the live stream of her performance and immediately commission her to come dance on tour?

Maybe. Let’s watch:

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