[POLL] Egypt: Should The Teachers Go To Jail in The Atlanta Cheating Scandal?

On the subject of the Atlanta cheating scandal…

It’s tragic that  35 educators are facing between 5-45 years in prison for changing students answers on state standardized tests.

One teacher who turned state’s evidence said that it was overseen by her principal; and they went as far as to have to wear gloves so they wouldn’t leave fingerprints on the answer sheets as they erased the wrong answers and replaced them with the correct answers.

My question is, should the teachers be going to jail for this?

They said they were under pressure from the principals and superintendents to “by all means” make sure the test scores were high and “that excuses for not meeting targets would not be tolerated.”

Teachers felt that their jobs were in jeopardy if they failed to participate in the cheating. Should they really be going to jail too?

Cast your vote below…


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