Sytonnia Live: Powerball Winner Shares His Plans For $338M Jackpot

Atlanta, Ga (WVEE) – Dominican immigrant Pedro Quezada doesn’t speak a lick of English. But, as the sole winner of that 338 Million dollar Powerball Jackpot, his lump sum check for 152 Million, says it all. And the 44-year old father of 5 plans on sharing some of it with his neighborhood.

Quezada plans on paying everybody’s rent, on his block, for a month or two and yes, that little situation has been cleared up. The Powerball winner made headlines last week when word of delinquent child support payments, in the amount of $29,000, surfaced.  Pedro Quezada says that was taken care of first.

On how he plans to spend the money: Pedro plans to buy his wife whatever she wants and he wants to buy a car. A good one!

Pedro wants to help those in need and the Daily Mail reports, he also plans to quit working at the bodega he has owned in Passaic, New Jersey for seven years, and will insist that his 23-year-old son, who runs the store, quit his job as well.

‘With all those millions, would you allow your children to work in a store like that?’ he said.

Mr Quezada, who has another son, 15, and three daughters, aged five, 10 and 17, joked that he would continue to play the lottery despite his huge winnings.


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