Victory Thought: You Gotta Go To Grow

Effective Immediately: If You Can’t Grow With Me, You Can’t Go With Me!

Sometimes we are loyal to a fault.

Some of us stick around even when things aren’t working, and even if it’s detrimental to our own health, wealth, or sanity.

Not everyone in our life is conducive to our happiness or growth – and we know it!

We even know who they are.

But because we love them and don’t want to hurt them, we stick it out. Friends, family, lovers…they are killing you softly; but you still hang in there.

But what about YOU?

Who looks out for YOU?

Is it really right to love all of these people more than we love ourselves? Is it really right to put their happiness before ours?

Absolutely NOT! We only have this one life and one chance to do it right. NO regrets!

So again, maybe it’s time to adopt the motto: If You Can’t Grow With Me, You Can’t Go With Me!


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